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What is it about pets When the corona virus crisis is still running around Nobody is untouched with the so-called loneliness and isolated feeling due to the social distancing and lockdown period as a result of COVID-19. However what is it all about pets When the bad news about the coronavirus continues social media is bombing with regular cries like –“send me dogs and cats” or we can say that a shorthand message for “I feel terrible cheer me up.” And the response is always the same with a flood of pictures of animals doing peculiar things – the whole idea seems farcical but in some way it has an effective calming effect. It has been long known that animals have been part of numerous therapies that deal with treating mental conditions as well as for people with disabilities. Many animals have been trusted companions of people with disabilities. Moreover the furry friends are proving to be of great value for individuals suffering from a wide range of health condition both physical and mental health conditions including depression and even dementia. w w w . p e t c a r e c l u b . c o m

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In simple words a human health care specialist puts down – “Simply petting an animal can decrease the level of the stress hormone cortisol and boost the release of the neurotransmitter serotonin resulting in lowered blood pressure and heart rate and possibly in an elevated mood.” Calm and Companionship Whether an older adult a patient dealing with dementia or an individual dealing with mental health conditions or a health caregiver it’s obvious to feel alone especially during this staying at home period. And depression isn’t uncommon it’s a byproduct of isolation and loneliness even for any physically fit person. Thus in such cases bonding with an animal can help fill this oid especially from dogs – and unconditional lovers. www.petcareclub.com

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A study of patients dealing with mental conditions reported such as depression anxiety or post-traumatic stress disorder found that 94 of cases reported a steep reduction of anxiety through tactile stimulation due to psychiatric assistance dogs PAD. Additionally pets can even improve social networks for their owners. Take a dog for a walk and a stranger who would never dream of approaching will strike a conversation with the pet at the core. And much better a smile from a passerby is a connection that brightens your day. Pets also benefit by providing companionship reducing loneliness and improving socialization as well as giving a sense of purpose and meaning. w w w . p e t c a r e c l u b . c o m

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w w w . p e t c a r e c l u b . c o m Additional Benefit to Physical Health If your pet is a dog especially a lover of running and adventure then that brings equal benefit – physical exercise which is also a key to a Healthy Brain lifestyle. Brisk walking regarded as a moderate-intensity activity payoff to the extent of improved brain health to weight control muscular strength and enhanced cardiorespiratory fitness leading to a reduced risk of chronic diseases like heart attack diabetes cancer and stroke. Thus physical exercise in specific is highly beneficial for maintaining mental health even for the people who are at risk for developing dementia and Alzheimers disease. In a nutshell having a four-legged pet is not only about companionship but a partner who helps you keep up with your mental and physical health even in the most isolated times. Order online all essential pet supplies from home – Petcareclub.com “Your Pet To Help You Fight Back”