Knee Replacement Surgery Recovery

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Knee Replacement Surgery Recovery


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Knee Replacement Surgery Recovery :

Knee Replacement Surgery Recovery The knee joint is the largest, strongest and most complex joints of the body. Whenever we walk, sit, drive we are depending on the knee for support. Knee bears full weight of our body. Knee replacement is the most known joint replacement surgery. Main reason of knee pain is arthritis; osteoarthritis and trauma are the most common forms. In knee replacement surgery, surgeon removes the damaged joints and replaces and in the place of damaged joint metal and plastic implant. Metal and plastic implant is not harmful for our body. In knee replacement sometime partial or sometime total knee replace by metal or plastic implant. There are number of factors that influence recovery time. A knee replacement surgery recovery is taken 6 to 12 weeks. Long term recovery involves the complete healing of surgical wounds and internal tissues. After knee surgery during hospitalization you will meet the therapist. The physical therapist will help you for mobility, strengthening, and walking. The occupational therapist will help you for task such as washing, dressing, and other daily activities. Patients are usually discharge 3 t 5 days after knee replacement. Most patients take their first step after surgery with walker. Patients who have strong upper body and good balance them may use crutches. Normally people can walk within 2 to 4 weeks with cane after 4 to 6 weeks unassisted. Therapist gives you knowledge how can you move up and down steps using your walker. Return on driving depends on a number of factor including types of vehicle you have and side of your operation. After 4 to 6 weeks people can easily drive. Return of work that depends on the activity that you have to do at your job. Usually after 4 to 10 weeks people can go office. Most of the surgery carries some risk of complication. Knee surgery is very common and complications are relatively uncommon. Some most common complications are: Blood clots in the legs. The risk of infection after joint replacement is much greater then with most other operations. Loosing of the prosthesis of the bone is the most important long term problem. Would healing can occasionally be a problem after knee replacement. With knee replacement surgery nerve damage can occur. Fracture of the knee bones occurs during knee replacement. Allergy to the metal parts of the implant has reported sometimes. Knee replacement surgery is taking so much time in recovery.You could find more tips about Stryker Knee Replacement here:

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