Celebrities Love Ear Plugs

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Celebrities Love ear plugs because they know it will protect their hearing in the long run and, potentially, their careers as they work as pop stars, world leaders, etc.


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Celebrities Love Ear Plugs:

Celebrities Love Ear Plugs It’s well known that many celebrities are living with tinnitus and temporary hearing loss these days. This has created more awareness of the dangers of loud volumes of sounds - so much so that public figures have increased their support and use of ear plugs. They’re many of the world’s most loved leaders, teachers and stars, adored by millions. If these celebrities and world leaders are taking their hearing seriously, so should you. Here are some of our favourite celebrities wearing ear plugs in current pop culture:

Her Majesty the Queen:

Her Majesty the Queen The Queen of England has had an honourable reign over the last 50 plus years. To celebrate, many supporters from far and wide went to Buckingham Palace to show their support for the Queen’s Golden Jubilee. The Queen gazed upon thousands and thousands of supporters who clapped and cheered throughout the day. Although it is wonderful to show solidarity, the sound from all the people must have been deafening! But the Queen is a master of etiquette and ensured that she protected her hearing by wearing ear plugs without offending her audience. This wise lady knows it’s best to protect her hearing whilst she still has it!

Britney Spears:

Britney Spears Having sold more than 100 million albums worldwide, Britney Spears knows all about studio and concert work, two of the noisiest places in the music business. Love her or hate her, Britney Spears is protecting her aural assets by wearing ear plugs on numerous occasions. Spears even used ear plugs during the second season of X Factor where she was a judge. Some might think it’s hypocritical for the songbird to block out the sound of other performers’ singing, but Ms Spears wasn’t about to jeopardise her own singing career and ensured she protected her hearing throughout the television program.

Nelson Mandela:

Nelson Mandela Nelson Mandela was one of the world’s greatest leaders, both politically and as a thespian. After being jailed for his political activity for 27 years, he was released and became the first democratic president of South Africa. Old, wise and experienced, “ Madiba ”, as he was so affectionately known by his fellow South Africans, made sure that he always protected his hearing -whether it be at sports arenas or cultural concerts. This includes his own brand of charity concert: 46664.

President Obama:

President Obama He may be the leader of the free world but President Obama should take some advice from those also in the public sphere – protect your hearing, Mr President! PERFECTfit would happy to supply Mr Obama with the perfect ear plugs fit from our wide range of ear protection.

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