How Ear Plugs Helped the Olympians at the Winter Olympics 2014

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PERFECTfit proudly supported the British Olympic teams at the Winter Olympics this year. As experts in the field of ear protection, we know that earplugs are often crucial to the careers of athletes and sports professionals. We therefore took a deeper look at how these professionals may have benefited from the use of earplugs at the Sochi Olympics 2014. How Ear Plugs Helped the Olympians at the Winter Olympics 2014

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ATHLETES The twenty -f ive-year-old, German biathlon athlete, Erik Lesser, won a silver medal for his outstanding performance in the men ’ s 20km individual biathlon. The athlete originates from a family of Olympic stars. His grandfather was a German cross-country skier who represented East Germany in the 1976 Olympics in Innsbruck. Lesser uses custom made ear plugs in his races to reduce loud noise, as athletes are required to ski cross country and shoot rifle in the same event. Custom earplugs protect you against loud frequencies that may damage your ears, but still allow you to hear. Ear plugs are important to athletes like Erik Lesser, who need to remain focused in order to perform at their best. Kerry Gillespie of the The Star interviewed Canadian athletes about how they stay relaxed and what they must-have while on tour. Female alpine snowboarder, Caroline Calve, bobsleigh racer, Heather Moyse , and hockey player Hayley Wickenheiser all stated that ear plugs are must-haves when on tour. Moyse commented that sleep plugs help her to get a good night ’ s rest. Erik Lesser by Getty Images Heather Moyse by

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COACHES Not only do athletes require ear plugs, but so do coaches. Canadian ice hockey coach, Mike Babcok , explained that wearing earplugs and eye covers on tour often reduces the effects of jet lag, which is associated with staying up and sleeping at odd times due to travelling across different time zones. OLYMPIC VILLAGE When athletes, supporters, tourists and media gather in the Olympic Village, the noise levels rise due to the excitement and general hustle and bustle. Jonathan Edwards of the British triple jump team suggests that visitors to the Olympic Village should always use earplugs to protect their ears against the noise. For those who need to rest during the day or at unusual times, ear plugs ensure a good night ’ s rest . Mike Bocock by Olympic Village, London Earplugs may be small in size, but they often play a big part in the performance of athletes – whether on or off the slopes.