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TLS Office Presented by: Brodie Mulholland Total Legal Solutions Ltd.


Is a system that keeps track of your firm contacts, files, time and accounting data Uses that information to automatically generate hundreds of complicated documents, create bills and do your legal and trust accounting Resulting in: Significant time saving Simplification of procedures Cost reduction Increased firm profitability TLS Office:


TLS stands for 'Total Legal Solutions': Sounds a little boastful, but as you will see, there isn’t another easy way to describe it because it is designed to combine most firm management, accounting and document generation tasks into one What makes TLS unique: Enter information only once and you know it is correct Makes use of Microsoft Office software with which you are already familiar and for which there is an abundance of reasonably priced training – no 're-inventing the wheel' Designed specifically for the BC practitioner Documents automatically saved to your file for easy access It really does integrate with other software Colour coding of boxes for easy data entry TLS Office:


'My experience from over 20 years of private practice is that a firm’s greatest single cost component is time – whether lawyers or staff' As a result, any significant reduction in that time means large cost savings and increased profitability The proof is in the practice – 'I have used TLS in my own practice for the last two years without requiring any support staff' TLS Office:


TLS Office Select Module to View: Contacts andamp; Files Online Corporate Conveyancing Civil Litigation Enquiry Screen Legal Accounting Trust Accounting Document Management


TLS Office Select Module to View: Contacts andamp; Files Online Corporate Conveyancing Civil Litigation Enquiry Screen Legal Accounting Trust Accounting Document Management Contact me


TLS Office Contacts and Files These are the basic building blocks in TLS Enter contact information (name address, telephone, fax and email) Easily copy information from an existing contact May have multiple types of contact information – e.g. business, home, cabin Enter usual File information including the Area of Practice


TLS Office Online Automatically open and, with a few mouse clicks, log into: BC Online Corporate Online (COLIN) TLS remembers passwords for you and Company Clients


TLS Office Corporate Here are some of the things TLS can do: Incorporation Corporate Information Annual Reports andamp; Resolutions Extraprovincial andamp; Societies Alterations Change Offices Change Directors Dividends Share Redemptions Transition Documents, letters, share certificates and registers automatically prepared with all information inserted. Insert information directly into common Corporate Online Web Page forms with a mouse click


TLS Office Conveyancing Create all standard documents and letters for a Purchase, Mortgage and/or Sale without having to re-enter information. Documents are created in Microsoft Word for easy, last minute changes. Letters and undertakings automatically adjust depending upon the situation. Automatic calculations for Statements of Adjustments, Direction to Pay and In/Out Statements.


TLS Office Civil Litigation Create all originating process with all Style of Cause and information automatically inserted, BC Supreme Court forms with Style of Cause inserted. Also use TLS’ Document Management software – TLSDocs.


This is the form you will use most often in TLS. From here, with one mouse click: Access Contact info for file contacts, other parties and lawyers Open Windows Explorer listing all documents for the File Create/access folders specific to this File in Outlook View WIP, Trust and Bill status for this File Create a Letter, Fax or Email for the File Record time for the File Create/access your File Notes


TLS Office Disbursements, Billing and Legal Accounting With TLS you can quickly: Enter Disbursements Enter and write Cheques Create Bills Generate numerous Reports Perform your other legal accounting All without having to re-enter any information.


TLS Office Trust Accounting With TLS you can quickly: Maintain multiple Trust Accounts for a File Enter and write Cheques Do Trust Bank Account Reconciliations Perform your other trust accounting All without having to re-enter any information.


TLS Office Document Management – TLS Docs Manage volumes of documents and precedents: Fast indexing using TLS file paths Easy search One mouse click retrieval


TLS Office Contact Information: Brodie Mulholland Total Legal Solutions Ltd. 1464 Village Greens Wynd Tsawwassen, BC V4L 2K4 O: 604-948-1465 Fax: 604-948-1463 Email: [email protected]