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Gingerbread By: Rachel Cohn Cyd Charisse faces the same dilemmas as any other teen. She will seem like one of your friends. Reviewed by Ina, Student


Across Five Aprils By: Irene Hunt Reviewed by: Nick Scott, Student Based in the Civil War, this is an awesome piece of work. AWESOME!


Maniac Magee By: Jerry Spinelli Reviewed by: Michael Howard, Student Maniac Magee shows that a kid who has nothing can be just as good as a kid with everything!


Recommended by Anthony Furia, Student


Bleachers By: John Grisham Reviewed by: Bradley Sheeley, Student It’s about an old football school. Very good book! Read it!


Initial D By: Shuichi Shigeno Reviewed By: Jonathan Dinopoulas A book about a car with a dramatic twist.


D·N·Angel By: Yukiru Sugisaki Reviewed by: Jacqueline Pubill This book is so awesome for the reason that you never know what will happen next. It just takes your breath away and it wants to make you cry sometimes because it can get sad. Most of the time there’s a lot of adventure and suspense!


The Historian By: Elizabeth Kostova Reviewed by: Ina The hunt to find out the truth about vampires takes hold in a young woman’s life.


Chance: In the House of Fate By: Jennifer Ackerman Reviewed by: A. S. This is an interesting book that discusses all the branches of heredity. If you are interested in biology or anatomy, then this book would be a good read!


The World of the Hummingbird By: Robert Burton Reviewed by: Kristina St. Peter This book was very educational and fact filled!



Darkness Peering By: Alice Blanchard Reviewed by: Anonymous This book is special to me because not many books appeal to me, but this one really caught my attention. The sequence of murders are so detailed that you can’t help but be scared. Every piece of the story connects in a way that you will only truly understand at the end.


A Child Called 'It' By: Dave Pelzer Reviewed by: Niki Ciacciarella This book opened my eyes and heart to someone in trouble. It made me realize that we should help one another reach out to stop child abuse.




The Red Tent By Anita Diamant Lynn Bender, Faculty Incredible story, easy reading, thoroughly enjoyable. Highly recommend!


I liked this book because it deals with everyday teen life. You can relate to this book in almost any way you look at it. Mature! Inviting!


Shark Trouble By: Peter Benchley Reviewed by: A. Barrett This book was full of nail-biting stories of people encountering sharks!


Their Eyes Were Watching God By Zora Neale Hurston Delphine Williamson, Faculty Excellent Southern literature about the life of Janie Starks. Set in Eatonville, Florida!


The Wedding By Nicholas Sparks Jane St. Francis, Faculty Awesome love story!


'No slave could possibly escape being punished—I care not how attentive they might be, nor how industrious….Mrs. Helm appeared to be uneasy unless some of the servants were under the last.' Austin Steward, former slave




Walking with Cavemen By: John Lynch Reviewed by: V. Apperson This book has great scientific examples of the evolutionary theory. I would recommend this book to anyone interested in evolution.


Reading Lolita in Tehran By Azar Nafist Debbie Couch, Faculty I just started this book! Interesting!


Witty! Entertaining! Dragon of the Lost Sea By: Laurence Yep John Douglas, Student The plot is surprising, to say the least. The cast is extremely colorful and their characteristic differences are what really make it funny and exciting.


Skin Tight By Carl Hiaasen Caesar Campana, Faculty Typical Hiassen South Florida story with a tragic – hero –excop with all kinds of problems and bad habits. Only Hiassen can get away with such outrageous characters. Only South Florida can produce this kind of story!


The Alchemist By: Paulo Coelho Anonymous Student This book is about a shepherd who must go to Egypt to search for the treasure he saw in his dreams.


Honor Untarnished By: General Donald Bennett Nathan Hale, Student This book is about my favorite war as seen through one man’s eyes.


A Clockwork Orange By: Anthony Burgess Alex Cummins, Student A really good book that needs to be in the library. An eye opener!


Little Black Girl Lost By: Keith Lee Johnson Tori Figueroa, Student


Mister God, This is Anna By Anna Fynn Lily Martin, Faculty Amazing story of a litte street urchin in London… an incredible mind andamp; soul!


D·N·Angel By: Yukiru Sugisaki Chelsea Merchant, Student When I read it, I feel like I’m actually there. The book leaves you with so much suspense that you can’t stop reading. I love it!


The Master and Margarita By: Mikhail Bulgakov Ina, Student A classic work of Russian literature that simply cannot be summarized in one line!


Monster By: Walter Dean Myers Christopher Saint Sarin, Student This book is special because it lets you guess… it lets you think what YOU want.


Every Little Thing Gonna Be Alright: The Bob Marley Reader By: Hank Borowitz Brian Kiernan, Student Bob Marley is one of my favorite artists and I like that this book is about his life.


As a baby he flipped himself upside down in his jolly jumper. As a kid he rode his Big Wheel into traffic. When he discovered skateboarding, his life was changed forever. Skateboarding


The Killer Angels By Michael Shaara Caesar Campana, Faculty This historical novel vividly describes the four days of the Battle of Gettsyburg. Shaara brings the generals of both the North and South to life with his vivid and personal details!


Hunted Like a Wolf by Milton Meltzer Igan Veiga, Student A blunt story telling the truth about Native Americans. Read about all the hardships and the truths that might not be in your history book!


Mysterious! Catching! The Rag and Bone Shop By: Robert Cormier Steven Johnston, Student This book is such a great book. It’s a mysterious story that will keep you guessing. You will truly get into this book!


Slaughterhouse - Five By Kurt Vonnegut Suzanne Williams, Faculty My favorite book of all time… period!


¡Muy interesante! Chea! The more I read it, the more I enjoyed it. If you’re interested in chemistry or physics, you definitely should read this book! Physics in the 20th Century By: Curt Suplee V. Tech

The Notebookby Nicholas Sparks: 

The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks Allison Leonard, Student I love this book because it shows that no matter what they went through, they were real lovers. Romantic! Passionate!


The Giver By Lois Lowry Ludmila Muller, Student This book is different from other books I have read. It is a perfect book to read when you’re feeling depressed. An awesome book! SURPRISING! DIFFERENT!


Maximum Ride By: James Patterson Shane Kelley, Student A great book about genetic mutants. It opens your eyes and makes you think, 'What if?!?'


Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban By J. K. Rowling Suzanne Williams, Faculty My son’s favorite… so far! We read them together.


The Human Genome Project By: Kevin Boon Reviewed by: C. Leal This book was really interesting. It talks about the new project in effect that in the future will be able to detect diseases beforehand so they will be able to be cured.


One Hundred Years of Solitude By Gabriel Garcia Marquez Carla Traister, Faculty History (fiction) of incredible family. A Nobel Prize winner!


True-to-Life Series from Hamilton High: 

True-to-Life Series from Hamilton High Check them out!!!


Mr. Paradise By Elmore Leonard Caesar Campana, Faculty A murder (not too much) mystery which takes place in Detroit with a whole case of millionaires, models, hitmen and grumpy cops.


BULLDOGS’ BEST BOOKS Evolutionary Wars By: Charles Kingsley Levy J. Williams A very interesting read with hardly any 'hard' scientific words but with lots of information. I would recommend this to everyone!


Jacob Have I Loved By: Katherine Paterson Bibi Ally, Student I can so relate to this book. It’s about a teenager who gets ignored for her kindness while her sister gets all the attention.


Thrilling! Amazing!


Stiff By: Mary Roach C. Almeida Stiff will spark your interest and curiosity with the 'life' of a human cadaver and its intricate details.


White Oleander By: Janet Fitch Maddie Usupova, Student White Oleander is a fictional story about a girl’s life of suffering after her mother is convicted of murder. The author does an incredible job conveying the characters’ feelings to the point of the reader experiencing the same emotions. Real! Thought provoking!


Other New Pascal Titles: FAKE RULING CLASS DOUBLE EDITION #4 More!


D·N·Angel By: Yukiru Sugisaki Jacqueline Pubill, Student This book is especially special to me for it captures you. It makes you feel as if you are the character in the book going through his life’s pursuit. I love this book because it makes me feel different and special in my own way.

Bulldogs’ Best Books: 

Bulldogs’ Best Books Magnificent Universe By: Ken Croswell C. Lamont This book had great detail and gave many theories on the universe. If you like breathtaking pictures while you’re reading, this book is for you!


Will I ever forget that first sight of them? Two figures, backlit by the boat, come down to us by lantern light… I looked back to the way life had been yesterday, and couldn’t find it. The River Between Us


The Color of Water: A Black Man’s Tribute to His White Mother By James McBride Lorna Moschetti, Faculty A large and loving family, brought up at the Red Hook Housing Project in Brooklyn. Definitely not a fairy tale family life. Inspirational.


Reading Counts Reading Counts


What Is History? By Edward Hallett Carr Suzanne Williams, Faculty Tries to make sense of the difficult job of the historian.


Old Magic By: Marianne Curley Renee Edmunds, Student This book kept me on edge from the start to finish. It is mysterious, magical, romantic and adventurous. When I read this book it drew me away from reality. I couldn’t put it down!




My Sister’s Keeper By: Jodi Picoult Jessica Zakis, Student This book tells about 13 year old Anna being a donor for her older sister, Kate. Things change when Kate decides to emancipate herself from her parents regarding medical decisions. She meets a lawyer who changes her life and vice versa.


Water Buffalo Days By: Huynh Quang Nhuong This is such a good book about a bond between a boy and his love for his buffalo, Tank. It’s a story of his childhood in Vietnam and how he was chased away by the war.