Introduction to Advanced Health Assessment


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Introduction to Advanced Health Assessment : 

Introduction to Advanced Health Assessment USM-NSG 648 K. Michelle Pendergrass MSN, PNP, FNP-C

Why Health Assessment : 

Why Health Assessment Advanced Practice Top of the Line Who catches if I don’t Could I not know how much I don’t know? Complaint oriented vs. comprehensive

History vs Physical : 

History vs Physical History taking-Form of Art As provider this has become one of the tremendous strengths of our role in healthcare

Goals of the Interview : 

Goals of the Interview Discovery Providing Information Negotiation Partnership Support

Ethics : 

Ethics Autonomy Beneficience Nonmaleficence Utilitarianism Fairness & Justice Deontologic imperatives

Whole Person : 

Whole Person Allopathic Complementary Alternative

Communication : 

Communication Factors that enhance communication Elements of Healthy Communication Flexibility Specificity Clarity Subtlety Empathy

Communication Tensions : 

Communication Tensions Intimacy Compassion Seduction Anger Dissembling Money

Children : 

Children Attention Play Sensitive Glean clues

Adolescents : 

Adolescents Respect confidentiality Respect impending adult status Don’t force Establish alliance Be Flexible

Pregnant Women : 

Pregnant Women Consider needs of both mother and fetus Consider effects of pregnancy on mother’s health Use interview for teaching

Older Adults : 

Older Adults Watch for age-related changes Draw on lifetime experience, wisdom, and perspective

Clients with Disabilities : 

Clients with Disabilities Adapt to approach needs Involve client to extent possible Remember autonomy

The History : 

The History Begins relationship with the client Considerations: Setting Structure (discussed in another ppt) Taking the History Approaching Sensitive Issues

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