Difference between Ethernet cable, Internet cable and LAN cable

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The article will help you understand the difference between Ethernet and internet cable and also learn about LAN Cables briefly. Also explore applications, Properties, uses about that.


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All devices whether electronic or mechanical use cables like telephones TV or computers etc. When you visit a computer supplier he might suggest you Ethernet cable whereas visiting a TV supplier might recommend a cable connection. Now you may be little confused about whether Internet cable and Ethernet Cable is the same. Ethernet Cable https://paycheap.co.za/

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https://paycheap.co.za/ Well Ethernet cable is derived from “Ethernet” and is the main Ethernet cable type. The cable can be found in different grades out of which the common one is CAT5. These cables help to connect different devices like routers switches PCs within a specified LAN local area network. These limitations with the Ethernet cables are thus used to carry out tasks in particular conditions. Internet Cable When it comes to Internet cable it is considered as sturdy physical cables used for internet connectivity. The common type of internet cables are- · Fiber optic cables · Copper cable · Coaxial cable etc

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https://paycheap.co.za/ It is suitable for long distances telecommunications and data networking. Benefits of Fiber Optic Cables • Fiber optic cables offer high capacity. • The interference is less in the case of a fiber optic cable. • More LAN Cable LAN cable can be briefed as a data cable type that allows computer networking. The LAN cables are used to transmit data for shorter distances. Media feature It means the physical connection of any device to a reliable network.

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https://paycheap.co.za/ Network Topology It means the location wise placement of different machines and the way the local area network attains a connection. Peer-peer This LAN cable is quite easy to set up but it cannot function under when the workload is heavy. Client/server Also termed as two-tier LANs they are made of strong computers known as networks that facilitate manage the printers disk drives and network traffic. This will help you eliminate the confusion while buying any of these cables.

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