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1. Power Washing; Beneficial For Your Property. 2. Advantages of Hiring a Professional Power Washing Company for Your House. 3. Pressure washing your brick house in five easy steps. 4. Graffiti Removal – A Necessity. 5. Benefits of choosing Soda Blasting. 6. Why You Should Consider Underground Garage Cleaning Regularly. 7. Tips On Media Blasting; How To Make It Work Better And Effective. 8. Benefits of Plastic Media Blasting.


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Power Washing | Pressure Washing | Graffiti Removal

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Power Washing Beneficial For Your Property • Property value – Besides your households emotional value it also has a good amount of financial value. If the aesthetics and the exterior conditions of your house are in poor shape then it is possible that you will lose a good amount of your property’s financial value • Curb Appeal Of Your Property – Are you thinking about placing your house up for sale Then it’s a good idea to get your house a power wash so you can increase its appeal to the people who are looking to purchase an aesthetically pleasing house. Once all the dirt mildew and mold are washed away your house will look as good as new. • Does away with spiders and cobwebs – With time spiders start to form cobwebs in the corners of your real estate under the attic and even around your windows. Take a closer look at your property. Do you see any cobwebs and spiders living in it If so then its time for you to give your house a power wash. Though most spiders are not much of a botheration it gives your real estate a very poor and unkempt look.

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Advantages of Hiring a Professional Power Washing Company for Your House • A professional Power Washing Company will have access to the latest equipment – There is a common misconception that all it takes to power wash is a hose along with a water source. However that is not at all the way it works. You can’t expect to get the same fine results using a hose compared to the results from a proper professional equipment • Less chances of property damages – A professional power washer will not only focus on making your house look spic and span. They will also focus on ensuring the exteriors of your house to not get dented or damaged. With such home maintenance projects where you have little hands-on experience a slight chance of injury or damage to property remains. • Guarantee your house will look as good as new – Power washing itself is an effectual way to give your house the wash it requires. Combined with a professional power washer and you are guaranteed your house will look squeaky clean. A professional has the skills and expertise to turn your house looking as good as new. You might not even recognize it’s the same house by the time the professionals get done.

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Advantages of Hiring a Professional Power Washing Company for Your House • Your precious and valuable time gets saved – A professional power washer is trained and certified and to perform their job thoroughly and efficiently. Since they are experts at what they do they are able to easily complete their job. Now if you handled this task all by yourself you would spend more than half the time it would take a professional. • Friendly to the environmental – To cater your power washing needs it’s important that you consider its impact on the environment. Professional power washers have the tools and chemical cleaners that are specifically environmental friendly. They know better than us how chemicals and fumes can bring a negative impact on the environment. In fact they give more emphasis and importance towards using environmentally friendly products.

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Pressure washing your brick house in five easy steps • Step 1. Patch the Mortar – Before you start to pressure wash your property you need to make sure that you patch up any damaged joints in between the bricks. Doing so you will prevent the water to seep behind the bricks. • Step 2. Dampen the Bricks – After you have allowed the mortar to dry out and have given it plenty of time to set it’s time to soak the entire brick surface of your property. This is an important step that you cannot miss at any cost. It’s essential that the bricks are wet and damp before you start applying the detergent.

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Pressure washing your brick house in five easy steps • Step 3.Apply Your Detergent – You should make sure that the detergent you have chosen is intended for cleaning property made from bricks. Apply your detergent in the same motion you soaked your house starting from the bottom up and making your way to the top. Let it sit for 10 minutes. • Step 4.Rinse Away – Now that the detergent has had plenty of time to sit and work its magic it’s the moment you’ve been waiting for. Now is the time to use your pressure washer and wash away all the grime dust and moss. • Step 5. Spread a Coat of Sealant – The last step towards achieving a look as good as new is to apply a coat of brick sealant. You will find this helpful in keeping your bricks spotless and clean for a longer period of time.

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Graffiti Removal – A Necessity • Depending upon the surface the graffiti is made your cleaning methods will be based. If the surface is a smooth one well you’re in luck. Removal of graffiti is easiest on smooth surfaces. Such surfaces can be glass windows or metal street signs. • In order to get the surface looking nice and clean take a dab of cleanser and test it in a corner of the surface. If you notice the paint is starting to come off easily then you won’t have to buy some harsh chemicals. Just put some elbow grease and that should take care of the job. Scrub away with a cleaner or with soap and water till no specks of the vandalism is seen.

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Graffiti Removal – A Necessity • That wasn’t so hard right But what if the surface is not smooth. What if it’s a rough one. In such cases it can become especially tough trying to remove graffiti from such surfaces. The work becomes much more difficult. The height of vandalism is when graffiti is on to such surfaces such as rough and porous material . If removing graffiti leaves an ugly mark on the brick wall it makes more sense to paint the whole wall. The job is done better in less time and fewer steps. Scraping the wall is tedious and the results are not as desired. • Calling a professional for the job is the easiest and safest way to wipe off the vandalism from your wall. However there are easy solutions that you can administer yourself and try to remove the evidence of vandalism on your property. • The best time and chance you have of removing the ink or paint off your property is when the graffiti is still wet. As it starts to dry it will become tougher to remove the marks.

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Benefits of choosing Soda Blasting • Cleaning and De-Coating In Just One Simple Step – Though effective most of the abrasive blasting methods result in making a huge mess at the time of taking away the coating. In one step soda blasting efficiently de-coats and wipes the substrate. However you cannot reuse the blasted sodium bicarbonate as you could with other forms of media blasting. • No need for Pre-Cleaning – Before you had to start your media blasting project it’s essential that you thoroughly clean the surface before blasting. Often the surface is covered with salt carbon or grease that needs to be wiped off. This practice is done so that the end result is smooth and even. • Perfect option for light cleaning – Compared to other media blast methods soda blasting is not as hard or abrasive. If you are undertaking a project where you want to strip away traces of rust or existing paint from the exteriors of the surface then soda blasting is your best bet. Another advantage of soda blasting is that the surface or shape of the product will not be altered. Neither will it leave any impact marks. Soda blasting applications can be used best for cleaning delicate materials plastics car frames or cars.

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Benefits of choosing Soda Blasting • Best to use for cleaning food products – Another useful benefit of using soda blasting is for cleaning food. Baking soda is an ingredient often used in cooking. You can blast away using your soda blaster without any fear of your food being contaminated. • Helps Remove Grease or Oil – Soda blasting is an effectual blast media since it absorbs well. If you need to remove oil or grease from the engine of your car without worrying about its disfiguration then soda blasting is the perfect medium to take care of this job. • Reduces Waste – Perhaps the greatest advantage of using soda blasting is the fact that it does not leave any solid waste behind. In the times that we live in today where the environment is polluted day by day we need to consider options that are environmentally friendly. The sodium bicarbonate that is blasted on to the surface has the property to be dissolved in clean water. • Does away with Odors – Baking soda has the amazing property to remove bad odor. Reason being why we keep it in our refrigerator or in our sock drawer. Soda blasting not only leaves you with a clean surface but a nice scented one.

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Why You Should Consider Underground Garage Cleaning Regularly • Safety concerns – Your number one priority should be safety. Not just for you and your employees but also for those who give you a visit and park their car in your garage. The build-up of grime and dust or stubborn oil spots on the ground could potentially create some legal responsibility problems for you and your organization. • Value of property is retained – If your underground garage is regularly cleaned you won’t have to worry about oil stains ruining your garage floor. The longer you let the oil stains sit and set the more difficult you will find it to remove. When you are not able to clean the traces of oil stains the value of your property will automatically go down.

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Tips On Media Blasting How To Make It Work Better And Effective • Proper tools and Equipment – One of the main reasons people sometimes have difficulty in is operating a media blaster when the compressor is not able to move at the same rate with the blaster. When you go to purchase yourself a blaster or if you already own one make sure you check the ratings in contrast to your compressor. – For those who use a blaster for industrial purposes the pressure should be set to 80-100 PSI at the nozzle. If the pressure is kept any less than this the blaster will not be able to properly remove the material since the required force is not there. If the blaster is running above 100-120 PSI it will outdo the blaster tank and lead the media to collapse. • Hose Shape and Length – While having a long hose might be nice the functioning and potential of your blaster will be affected drastically. Though you might find it inconvenient keep the length of your air hose short as you possibly can. Also make sure that the hose is free of kinks and bends. • Strat Fresh with a new air filter – It is suggested that for each blasting project you start with you use a brand new disposable air filter. This will be a small price to pay to evade the accumulation of wet clumps obstructing your pressure blaster.

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Benefits of Plastic Media Blasting • Its Cleaner – Other ordinary media blasting processes work just like plastic media blasting. The only difference is that minute sand particles are used to graze the metal surface instead. • It’s Safer – Another standard way of scraping the paint off the surface is to apply chemical solutions on the metal surface. The chemicals help to remove the paint of the metal’s exteriors. • Less Waste is Produced – If we take a look at both the procedures listed above quite a sum of waste is produced that needs to be disposed off safely and properly. Amongst all of these procedures plastic media blasting and its unique procedure give the benefit of reusing the plastic materials. This makes the process not only effective but also environmental friendly in terms of its produced by products. • Recyclable – The thousands of plastic particles used in striping the paint right off of the exteriors of the automobile can be utilized many times. Every time the plastic media blast procedure is performed the same plastic particles can be recycled and reused.

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