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Block Format of Letter Writing is used these days for Official Communication. As Letters are Inter-Office Communication Tools, Persuasion plays an important role. It sometimes seems stereotyped, yet these components are necessary.


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Sender’s Address Return Address If the Page is not a Letter Head of the Sender- Not used by Students Date Line- July 31 2015/ 31 July 2015 Do not use 31-07-2015 etc. Reference No: ……. /…. /…. Optional Inside Address Receiver’s Address Salutation: Dear Sir/Dear Madam/Respected Sir/Respected Madam/Dear Mr. Singh/Ms. Singh etc. Subject: / SUBJECT: …… Bold/Underlined… Three Parts are there in the Body of Letter:  WHY The Reason/Problem e.g. I wish to state…  Details/Explanation of the Problem  Action Required e.g. Therefore I request you to… Expression of Goodwill: e.g. Thanking you in anticipation No Punctuation Mark with this Complimentary Close: Yours sincerely/faithfully/ Regards/Kind regards… …Signatures… Name Designation Encl: Enclosures Optional Copy to: Letters are used for EXTERNAL COMMUNICATION This is BLOCK Format. Every part is indented to the LEFT. Do not JUSTIFY the text. In the BODY the paragraphs should not be indented. Each Paragraph will begin from the extreme left. No Punctuation Mark is used after the Salutation Complimentary Close. If it is used in the beginning then Consistency MUST be maintained by using it with both. Letter Head