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INDEX INTRODUCTION History General description Location Number of students and studies Home villages of students CATALAN CULTURE IN L’ANOIA Folklore Food and drinks CATALANS IN THE WORLD


INTRODUCTION HISTORY Ses Vallbona was built in 2008 and in this five years they made a lot of projects like the Science Day or Coeducational Day.

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My high school was built by bunkhouses in 2008. Now there are 8 bunkhouses and in each there are about 50 students. There are two groups in all levels except in the second, there are three, because we are 65 approximately GENERAL DESCRIPTION


Location You can find where we study in the Reguerot Street w/n in Vallbona d’Anoia, Barcelona, Spain. There is a sports centre near the high school. There we do our P.E. classes because we don’t have a gym.

Number of students and studies:

Number of students and studies There are approximately 210 students in the high school. We study languages (Catalan, Spanish, English and French), maths , sciences, technology, history and geography, physical education, art, music, ...

Home villages of students:

Home villages of students In the high school there are people from Vallbona d’Anoia, La Pobla de Claramunt, Sant Joan de Mediona, La Font del Bosc and Cabrera d’Anoia.


CATALAN CULTURE IN L’ANOIA FOLKLORE The falcons are a sample of gymnastics and sports that appeared in the early twentieth century in Catalonia. In Vallbona there is a group of falcons. Each group is distingued by the sash.

Food and drinks:

Food and drinks Pa amb tomàquet , bread with tomato in English, is a typical dish in Catalonia. Calçots are typical too and are ate with muscatel.


CATALANS IN THE WORLD An important catalan musician was Pau Casals In 1899, Casals played at The Crystal Palace in London, and later for Queen Victoria at Osborne House, her summer residence. On 12 th November, and 17 th December in 1899 , he appeared as a soloist at Lamoureux Concerts in Paris. Pau Casals

Montserrat Carulla:

Montserrat Carulla Coming from the amateur theatre, she completed her training with courses at the Institut del Teatre de Barcelona (Barcelona Theatre Institute) at the end of the 1940s. However, it was not until 1960 that she began to work in the professional theatre with Soparem a casa ( We'll Dine at Home ), by Josep Maria de Sagarra. After two seasons in Madrid, she returned to Barcelona in 1964.

Ferran Adrià:

Ferran Adrià Ferran Adrià Acosta is a catalan  chef born on 14 th May 1962 in L'Hospitalet de Llobregat . He was the head chef of the El Bulli restaurant in Roses on the Costa Brava, and is considered one of the best chefs in the world

Carme Serrallonga:

Carme Serrallonga Carme Serrallonga i Calafell (Barcelona from 1909 to 1997) was a Catalan pedagogue and translator. In 1931 she earned a Masters in Philosophy and Literature at the University of Barcelona and was a founder of the Institute-School of the Generalitat of Catalonia. He lived a year in the Student Residence in Madrid and returned to Barcelona, where she was incorporated into his school work at the Institute until the end of the Spanish Civil War.

Guillem Brull :

Guillem Brull Education and training 1988-2002: Maribel Bover ballet school in Girona , Spain. 2002-2006: graduate: “ Scuola di danza del Teatro dell’Opera di Roma ” in Italy. 2006-2007: Junior Ballet Company of Zürich Ballet, Switzerland. 2007-2008: Finnish National Ballet, Finland. 2008-2009: Finish National Ballet. 2009-2010: Finnish National Opera House in Helsinki Guest Dancer in Teatro Massimo di Palermo, Italy .

Isabel Clara Simó:

Isabel Clara Simó She is considered one of the most important writers in the Catalan language . She has been awarded several prizes, including the Premi Sant Jordi in 1993. As a journalist, she was the director of Canigó magazine and has a daily column in the newspaper Avui . She was a delegate of the Culture Department of the Generalitat de Catalunya.

Bojan Krkić Pérez:

Bojan Krkić Pérez Bojan Krkić Pérez born 28 August 1990, also known as simply Bojan, is a catalan professional footballer who plays as a forward or winger for Italian Serie A club Milan. Bojan is of partly Serbian descent and was born in Linyola, Catalonia, beginning his footballing career with FC Barcelona. He has represented both the Spanish national team and the Catalan regional team.

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THE END Student’s name School year

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