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Time Management : 

Time Management . Dr. S V Panchamukhi Executive Director Rural Development Foundation Bagalkot, Karnataaka [email protected]

Time is Secular : 

Time is Secular Time is uniform to all classes Time is uniform to both genders Time is uniform to the busy & the lazy Time doesn't wait for anyone

The busiest man always has time.(The reverse is also true) : 

The busiest man always has time.(The reverse is also true) It is not the time that is scarce or abundant, it is our management that makes it so If we want to make the best use of time, we have to run faster than others If we run at a speed at which others run, we will be where we are. Do you have a time budget for your self ?

Identify your times & budget it : 

Identify your times & budget it Biological time - Time for ablutions, food, rest etc Study Time - Time for Study Economic time - Time for earning livelihood Social time - Time for socialising/ social cause Family time - Time you would devote to your family Any other - ? ? ?

Use all the 24 hours for pre -determined activities : 

Use all the 24 hours for pre -determined activities Plan your activities in advance Complete all the planned activities for the day Evaluate your performance Reward yourself (+ve and -ve) (If you have performed as per plan it is time to enjoy, if not punish yourself by depriving the needed.) Repeat your goal daily ( Set a goal for yourself today if you donot have one)

Important tips : 

Important tips To do list (A list of activities to be done today) Clean & Organised table Always on time to work Most important work – most imp time Delegate Prevent problem, be proactive Plan for waiting time ( Waiting in a queue etc.)

Important tips … continued : 

Important tips … continued 80:20 concept (Ants & Elephants) (80% of our works need 20% time & 20 % important works require 80% time) Kill ants together & attack the Elephants piece by piece Telephone / cell manners & skills Identify time wasters – avoid them Start smooth after interruptions Urgent V/S important work Identify hidden time R e l a x

Give commitment to yourself : 

Give commitment to yourself I will be true to myself I will not waste others time I will be perfect & precise in my work I will not over sleep I will achieve every thing worth & in time.

Time management : 

Time management Manage your time. Otherwise time will Manage (damage?) you.