Why RFID attendance system in school and its benefits

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We have implemented the biometric attendance management based on Facial Recognition. The automatic attendance management will replace the manual method, which takes a lot of time.


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PAATHAM Why RFID Attendance System in Schools its Benefits

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Why RFID Attendance System In Schools Its Benefits Every day we all appreciate the benefits of RFID solutions even though many of us do not acknowledge their presence in different situations in our everyday life. We see it in shops libraries hospitals amusement parks airports schools and any location where item / people movements are tracked to better serve customers. While RFID-related solutions have long been part of libraries there is a sudden increase in student monitoring RFID applications as it improves the overall safety of students in schools and other areas where continuous adult supervision is required. RFID systems can produce huge data that can be analyzed to provide insights into decision-making. How RFID System Works  In a school environment RFID can be applied to gain benefits for all participants –students family educators and management. An RFID tag is issued to each student to wear. It can be in the form of an ID card and part of your uniform every day. Each RFID tag is preprogrammed in conjunction with the students unique user profile. The antennas will be placed in strategical locations like school gate classroom doors library canteen etc. Multiple antennas can be placed around the same location to increase accuracy and work as a standby to avoid the single point of failure.  The antennas will be connected via a well-planned network of power cables and communication cables to RFID readers and power source. RFID readers are then connected to a computer for the information and database to be stored and processed. This computer will be linked to the student information system such as Paatham by sending different warnings to the stakeholders. Ex: SMS alerts parents when they enter the main door Mobile app alerts when they enter or leave a certain area.

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 Security Safety A well-developed RFID attendance system provides protection for students daily operations and health. As all the information about the student is registered and transmitted to the parents after the student enters the gate in the morning before leaving at night there is less worry about the safety of the students. Since all the information are transmitted by SMS or mobile apps to parents parents find peace of mind and can comfortably concentrate on their jobs.  Fast Communication Without an automatic RFID solution to communicate with the parents each of the updates must be entered manually in the student information system. This job could be completed either end of the day or once every week depending on the workload of teachers and admin staff. This is not beneficial to the parents as it is the same as how schools are pre-technology run. All location data is collected and automatically transmitted to the student information system with RFID solution. The same information will be provided to the parents on pre-set timing and logic depending on the settings chosen by the student information system operator.  Better Discipline Better Grades It is observed and proven in case studies that a well-monitored school will have better discipline compared to schools without surveillance. This is not only because of the improved discipline of the kids but also due to the improved discipline of various non-teaching staff in the school like security guards bus drivers maids etc.. When students are aware of the fact that the attendance is tracked live and communicated to parents instantaneously this will avoid disciplinary issues. And better-disciplined students produce better grades and good citizens. Benefits of using RFID Attendance System in schools

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 Libraries Apart from attending students the RFID solution can be applied to improve everyones library experience. The books can be embedded for tracking and data analysis with RFID tags instead of barcode. It in conjunction with student RFID tags can create seamless experience in borrowing and returning library books without the need for library queues. Students may also check for the availability of any book in library management software or school management software.  Restricted Areas In most of the schools there will be restricted areas where the students are not advised not to approach. This can be for privacy security and safety or to improve discipline. The entry to the restricted areas can be tracked and the warning can be issued immediately.  School Buses Another recent trend is to implement an RFID system in school buses. This allows the tracking of students outside the school campus when they are on a school bus. This collects information about the stops where the kids on-boarded and de-boarded the bus. This also will be communicated to parents on a realtime basis through the student information system mobile apps or SMS.. Other Places to Install and Benefit from RFID System in a School

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While the RFID system is mainly used to track student attendance the same system can be applied to track teachers and non-teaching staff attendance and movement without cost increases. The same components of hardware and software can be used to produce information on the performance and actions of teachers and non-teaching personnel on the school campus. Benefit from RFID System To Teaching Non-Teaching Staff

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