Factors a Personal Injury Attorney Considers to Accept a Case

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A personal injury attorney helps clients get the justice and compensation they deserve. Here are a few things that a personal injury attorney will consider before accepting a case. Visit https://www.pa4law.com/best-personal-injury-lawyer-pi-attorney-pennsylvania/ for more information.


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Did You Know The Insurance Research Council reports that injured people who have an attorney working on their behalf receive settlements 3.5 times larger than those who settle on their own with insurance companies.

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A pi attorney does not take every case that is brought to him or her. Here are a few factors they look into before accepting a personal injury case.

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When the Accident or Injury Occurred There are prescriptive periods or ‘Limitations’ regarding the amount of time in which you can file a personal injury claim following an accident and these vary from state to state. Your attorney will know what the rule is in the state in which you would file your lawsuit.

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Location Where the Accident or Injury Occurred This includes the state county and municipality where you were injured. You may have exceeded the prescriptive period in the state or perhaps failed to comply with other rules that regard personal injury cases.

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Injuries Monetary damages for your personal injury case depend on the impact of the injuries on your ability to carry on tasks of daily living and to work. Even if your injuries are real an attorney may decline the case if you will quickly recover to your previous abilities and without sizeable medical bills.

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A personal injury attorney also considers  Documents or evidence collected  Actions you have taken before contacting them  If the liable party is insured  and more.

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