Beginners guide to chalkboard paint

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Create a unique atmosphere at your home adding an accent wall painted with chalkboard paint. It is easy, it is fun and looks really amazing.


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The Beginners guide to chalkboard paint What is this How to use it Where

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Chalk Paint vs. Chalkboard Paint CHALK PAINT It is also known as chalk finish paint. It has a matte chalky looking finish and usually doesnt need a preparation work as sanding and applying a primer. It is thick and sticks easily on almost every surface but it is the best to use it on metal or wood. You can create a beautiful distressed look of your furniture if you sand it here and there when is completely dry.

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CHALKBOARD PAINT Chalk Paint vs. Chalkboard Paint This is a paint you can write on with a chalk. Store bought ones are usually in green or black colour but it is easy to make a DIY paint in any shade. It can be applied directly on drywall as it is very smooth and hasnt any unperfections. For other surfaces preparation work is needed - sanding cleaning applying a primer otherwise it wont stick to the wall or it will become on paintbrush strokes everywhere. It is used for decoration of small areas accent walls or as organising helper in your household.

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How to apply chalkboard paint 1. BUY ENOUGH Make sure you know how much paint you need. If it happens to buy less it is possible the next can of paint to be with different consistency and shade. This will result in different look when dry. Fill all cracks and small holes to create a perfectly smooth surface. You can do this with drywall filler wood putty or other filler suitable for the surface you are going to fill. 2. FILL THE CRACKS

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How to apply chalkboard paint It doesnt matter if you want to paint a small area or the entire wall be sure that the surface is absolutely smooth. Sand the wall until all marks disappear and wipe down with a damp cloth to remove all the dust. 3. PREPARE THE AREA 4. APPLY PRIMER We recommend you to use a tinted primer as a base. This way the chalkboard paint will cover better and you will achieve the perfect look with just 3 coats of paint or even less.

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How to apply chalkboard paint Start from the middle of the area you are planning to paint and work outward. Make sure that you overlap the brush marks. Applying a chalkboard paint is easier with foam brush and roller but still do not press it too hard as it will leave lap lines. Roll at different angles to smooth the surface. 6. FINALLY ITS TIME TO PAINT 5. STIR THE PAINT Do not stir the paint too hard as this can cause the properties that enable it to be written on to break down. Just move the paint around the can gently.

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How to apply chalkboard paint It is very important to leave the paint completely dry. This is needed as some ingredients in the paint need to harden and cure. It can take up to 3 days before you can write on it. 7. LET IT DRY 8. FINAL PREPARATION When the surface is completely dry you need to rub a chalk all over the painted area. Leave it for a while and clean it. Now your chalkboard painted wall is ready to show your art.

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Where to use chalkboard paint KITCHEN

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Where to use chalkboard paint BEDROOM LIVING ROOM

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Where to use chalkboard paint CHILDRENS ROOM

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Where to use chalkboard paint HOME OFFICE

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Where to use chalkboard paint MAKE SOME DECORATIONS

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Where to use chalkboard paint LABEL YOUR PLANTS

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Where to use chalkboard paint ORGANISE YOUR HOME EASIER

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decorating with chalkboard paint is fun isnt it Enjoy it G e t p r o f e s s i o n a l h e l p f o r y o u r r e n o v a t i o n b y C o n t a c t s : 0 2 0 3 6 7 0 4 5 4 0 w w w . p a i n t i n g a n d r e n o v a t i o n . c o . u k

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