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Different Levels Of Organization On Earth:

Different Levels Of Organization On Earth By: Megan Marks and Lauren Kern

Community and Population :

Community and Population Population Many organisms of one species living in a specific area. Example: Buffalo living in Dallas, Texas. Community Many organisms of different species living in an area. Example: People, animals, and bacteria living together.

Biosphere and Biome:

Biosphere and Biome Biome A group of ecosystems that share common characteristics. Examples: Dallas, Texas’s biome is Temperate Grasslands. Biosphere Contains land, water, and atmosphere (air). Examples: Dallas, Texas’s biosphere is Earth itself.

Abiotic and Biotic Factors:

Abiotic and Biotic Factors Biotic Living things. Examples: People, animals, trees, and Grasslands land in Dallas, Texas. Abiotic Nonliving things. Examples: Buildings, rocks, or lakes in Dallas, Texas.


Ecosystems Consists of living things with their nonliving environment. Examples: Buildings, people, animals, rocks, lakes, and Grassland plants in Dallas, Texas.


Species A group of the similar organisms that can breed and produce fertile offspring. Examples: Humans are a species. So are cattle, or buffalo.

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