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R-Platinum IAS We innovate you excel http://rplatinumias.in/

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Civil Services examination is a test of aptitude achievement and personality. Essence of preparation is smart work w ith o p e n m in d . http://rplatinumias.in/

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If anybody sees previous year questions of preliminary or main examination one will come to know that innovative questions are asked at the both stages. Innovative questions mean that they are evolved questions not straight forward questions. http://rplatinumias.in/

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UPSC asks its experts to frame questions by their own mind after taking UPSC syllabus into consideration. While framing questions experts take into account both fundamentals and current issues. Thereafter experts also provide model answer to these questions. http://rplatinumias.in/

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When a candidate starts his/her preparation a natural question comes to the mind whether she/he should prepare first preliminary or main. If Candidate looks at syllabus of General Studies he/she will find that majority of topics given for General Studies Main examination syllabus are also parts of General Studies syllabus of preliminary examination. http://rplatinumias.in/

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Preliminary examination is just a qualifying exam. Success of a candidate in Civil Service examination is depended upon performance is main examination. Preparation of main examination preparation of preliminary examination is implicit. It is advisable to a candidate to first prepare will the main General Studies. http://rplatinumias.in/

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A candidate has to take a smart decision to choose out optional subject for main examination. First important aspect of choosing an optional is candidate aptitude for the subject. Thereafter candidate must look at syllabus scoring pattern in the examination. Last but not the least Weightage of optional subject in General Studies. http://rplatinumias.in/

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Last stage of Civil Services examination is Interview. Interview is just a conversation with the objective to know candidate’s personality and inner traits. Members of Interview board are very cordial. They will nowhere let you feel uncomfortable it is not a test of knowledge but test of personality. http://rplatinumias.in/

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Thank You http://rplatinumias.in/

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