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Precision Dental Clinic is a multi–disciplinary dental clinic providing dental solutions for the whole family.


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Precision Dental Clinic Downtown Dubai ◈ Precision Dental Clinic was created because we genuinely feel we have something different to offer. Dr Punit established the clinic out of a passion for dentistry specifically Orthodontics.

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Precision Dental Clinic Downtown Dubai ◈ At Precision Dental Clinic we put the patient first We strongly believe in providing our patients with all the information they need regarding their oral health helping them make the right decision about their dental care and achieving the most desirable outcome. ◈ We believe in ethical practice provided by a skilled team so our patients are always confident that they receive the best possible treatment that is suitable for their needs.

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Our Vision ◈ We strive to put our patients at the center of attention provide honest and quality clinical and patient care. Our team is committed to continuously improve and upgrade our skills and the services we provide to make sure we meet the needs of our patients. We pride ourselves in fostering a positive and joyful work culture where our team members can flourish and grow.

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Our Services ◈ General Dentistry ◈ Orthodontist ◈ Cosmetic Dentistry ◈ Dental Implants ◈ Gum Disease Treatment

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General Dentistry Our patients can take advantage of regular examinations and cleaning to keep their dental hygiene at the top level and to prevent any future dental problems. We at Precision Dental Clinic focus on preventive dental care to make sure we can help our patients to maintain a happy healthy smile. ◈ Dental Hygiene Session ◈ Extraction ◈ Fillings ◈ Root Canal Treatment

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Services - General Dentistry Dental Hygiene Session Extraction

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Services - General Dentistry Fillings Root Canal Treatment

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Orthodontist We offer “Holistic orthodontics” for children and adults. This includes a thorough examination of the face teeth jaws and jaw joints to develop an individualized treatment plan for every patient. Orthodontic treatment can straighten your teeth improve your smile and correct your bite. But best of all it can improve your confidence and self esteem ◈ Invisalign ◈ Incognito – Lingual Braces ◈ Ceramic Braces ◈ Adjunctive Orthodontics Treatment ◈ Orthognathic Surgery ◈ Temporo-mandibular Joint Treatment

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Services - Orthodontist Invisalign Incognito – Lingual Braces Ceramic Braces

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Services - Orthodontist Adjunctive Orthodontics Treatment Orthognathic Surgery Temporo-mandibular Joint Treatment

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Cosmetic Dentistry Cosmetic dentistry helps to enhance your smile and oral health. At Precision Dental Clinic we can provide cosmetic dental treatments such as veneers porcelain crowns bridges and teeth whitening to improve your smile and self confidence. ◈ Crowns ◈ Bridges ◈ Veneers ◈ Tooth Whitening

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Cosmetic Dentistry ◈ To protect a weak tooth ◈ To restore an already broken tooth ◈ To cover a misshaped or discolored tooth ◈ To cover a dental implant ◈ To hold a dental bridge in place ◈ After root canal therapy ◈ Restore your smile ◈ Restore your chewing ability ◈ Maintain the shape of your face ◈ Prevent remaining teeth of drifting out of position

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Dental Implants ◈ We at Precision Dental Clinic offer dental implants for our patients by our specialist implantologist- periodontist who has many years experience in treating patients who wish to replace their missing tooth/teeth.

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BLEEDING GUMS AND LOOSE TEETH ◈ Gum infections or periodontal disease can cause serious damage to your teeth and gums. In worst case scenario you may lose teeth and have bleeding gums.

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Esthetic Gum Treatment ◈ Treatment of receding gums ◈ Depigmentation – treatment of dark hyper- pigmented gums ◈ Gingivoplasty – reshaping of excess gum tissue ◈ Gum plastic surgery – correcting the shape and look of the gums

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Our Team ◈ At Precision Dental Clinic we make sure that all of our dentists are highly qualified and have an outstanding skill set to ensure we can provide the best possible care to our patients. depress

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Dr. Punit H. Thawani Specialist Orthodontist ◈ Dr Punit has been practicing as a specialist orthodontist internationally since 2005. He has gained a membership of the Faculty of Orthodontics from the Royal College of Surgeons Edinburgh UK in 2006. ◈ Dr Punit specializes in treating children with preventive and interceptive orthodontics and providing cosmetic orthodontic solutions for adults. ◈ Dr. Punit is happily married and has a daughter. He enjoys music plays the drums and believes that everyone should cultivate a hobby

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◈ Dr Shweta Prabhu is a Specialist Periodontist Gum specialist who also is a Member of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons MFDSRCPS GlasgowUK. ◈ Dr Shweta completed her BDS and MDS from SDM college of Dentistry which is one of the most prestigious institute in India for Dentistry. ◈ With over 7 years of specialized experience in treating gums and other related issues Dr Shweta has saved many loose teeth for her patients over the past years. Dr. Shweta Prabhu Specialist Orthodontist

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◈ Dr. Sharon Anand after graduating from India in 2008 had 3 years experience in Mumbai following which she came to Dubai in 2012. ◈ Having a passion for Dentistry she believes in Comprehensive Dental Care. She focuses on the importance of dentistry in the overall well – being of a person. ◈ She has a knack for handling kids with ease has also been a part of Child Dental Awareness programs in various schools in Dubai. Dr. Sharon Anand Dentist BDS

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◈ Dr. Anvesha Gupta is a highly qualified and skilled Prosthodontist and Cosmetic Dental Specialist with extensive knowledge of dental care and treatments. She has an experience of Eight years practicing Prosthetic Dentistry including Oral Implantology and General Dentistry. ◈ She specializes in many facets of dentistry including Fixed and Removable Full Mouth Rehabilitation Esthetic Dentistry and Maxillofacial Prosthetics with emphasis on Speech Prosthesis. ◈ A graduate from the premium dental institute in Asia S.D.M. College of Dental Sciences and Hospital Dharwad she obtained her Masters degree in Prosthodontics and Implantology from Mumbai. Dr. Anvesha Gupta Specialist Prosthodontist

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Our Accreditation’s

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Book Online at Office 23 01 Aspin Commercial Tower Sheikh Zayed Road Dubai Precision Dental Clinic 043889262