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End of course final:

End of course final Lesson: 18

Change Journal:

Change Journal In the beginning my goal was to do 5 or more pushups in 8 weeks. And since I made it to 10 pushups I made this goal to reach 20 or more pushups in 8 weeks.


RHR My new average RHR is 65.3. My old average was 74.3. I have improved my fitness and as a result lowered my heart rate The average heart rate for my age group is between 50-90 which I'm right in the middle of.

Drop test final:

Drop test final This time I got 3 inches, which is above average for my age group which is 5 inches. Last time I got 5 inches which was average. I have improved on this test.

Balance test final :

Balance test final My old Score was 8 seconds. My new Score is 9 seconds. I improved on the balance test by 1 second but this is still below the acceptable score for my age group. I should score at least 10 seconds .

FITT weekly workout plan:

FITT weekly workout plan Cardio Frequency: 3 times per week Intensity: Moderate intensity increasing to heavy based upon progress made and weeks having exercised. Target heart rate 133 Time: 30 to 45 minutes per workout Type: Walking, Running, Treadmill, Elliptical, or Exercise Bike   Resistance Training-Goal: Increased Arm Strength Frequency: 2 times per week Intensity: Moderate with increased reps and time based upon progress made Time: 5-10 exercises for 30 to 45 minute workout session Type: Push ups, Pull ups, Free weights, Elastic bands and also planks and crunches to help strengthen core. * Fitt Plan was changed to eliminate the low intensity workouts. This was changed because the low intensity was now too low because progress has been made in fitness level .


RHR My new recovery heart rate is 66 which is double what I had last time which was only 33. Before I used to be in average shape. But now I'm above 50 which says great shape.


Review I did meet my goal of being able to do 5 or more push ups by the end of the course. I am now able to do 10 push ups. Discipline, fitness exercises, proper nutrition and mental determination helped me to meet my goal. I had the most fun completing some of the challenges. When I was doing the skill related fitness challenge it was hard not to laugh while I was trying to stand on one foot, and it was also fun to compare the test results with family members results and see who could get the better score. My least favorite part was just doing all of the typing and filling out forms .

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