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Business Information Session My Background Purpose of Session

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Trading Time for Dollars for What are you looking for…. A little spare time – cash – or more Imagine! $1 Million Dollars Annual Income

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Imagine $1 Million Dollars Annual Income

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Imagine $1 Million Dollars Annual Income

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Imagine $1 Million Dollars Annual Income

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Imagine $1 Million Dollars Annual Income

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Imagine $1 Million Dollars Annual Income

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Imagine $1 Million Dollars Annual Income

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Take time to lend a hand and donate your time and money

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The Real World Life Happens Financial Stress Credit Card Debt Medical Expenses School Loans Child Care Costs Downsizing & Layoffs Housing Market Decline Divorce 8 out of 10 Americans are worried About finances today. USA Today – March 2009

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What is really important ... that more money and time could provide for you and your family??? Volunteer More.. Help My Family Financial Security More Family Time Travel /More Fun Choices…Freedom…No Boss Sleep More… Buy New Car.. Buy House.. Own my own business Personal Recognition Pay off credit cards Help Mom Stay Home with the Children Save for Retirement How about you…….? Debt Free Time to Do What You Want What Are You Looking For ? 11 Debt

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What Are Your Options? Second job More education New career Spouse to work Investments Start a business

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Long Term – 40 yr Plan Most start work in 20’s & retire in 60’s Get a degree then get a job Back and forth from home to work; getting in a rut Retiring too late to enjoy life

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Monday Morning – Active Income Stress Frustration Nervous

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Short Term Plan – Ongoing Income Work smart and hard for a few years Own business Invest time and money Create a financial base of success Create any lifestyle you desire

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Monday Morning – Ongoing Income Enjoy Fishing

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Monday Morning – Ongoing Income Take a Bike Ride Spend time together

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Monday Morning – Ongoing Income See the countryside

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Monday Morning – Ongoing Income Have a picnic

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Monday Morning – Ongoing Income Just Relax

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Survey of 100 People Who Said They Wanted to Be Successful But at age 65: 36 are deceased 59 are still working or on welfare 4 are rich 1 is wealthy (net worth of $1.1 Million) ~ 5% are successful ~ US Federal Reserve Survey 2005

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JP Getty Success Principles From his book “How to be Rich” #1 Be in Business for yourself #2 Provide high quality products or services in demand #3 Create wealth for others

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What Kind of Business Would be Good to Start? Home-based business Health and Wellness Part-time with Full-time Potential Products and Services that everyone uses #1 Be in Business for yourself

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Current Trends in Business Internet Distribution Franchising

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The “S” Curve… Time The Internet On-Line Shopping The biggest on-line shipping day Monday November 30, 2009 $887 Million Black Friday 2009 $595 Million Cyber Monday 2009 $887 Million 25 The Growth in on-line shipping is creating Business opportunities

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Distribution Position Your Family for the “Middle Man Money” The Internet has helped change the economics of distribution 26 Manufacturer Advertising Wholesaler Distributor Retailer Consumer Position Yourself for The “Middle Man Money”

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Franchising I-Commerce is now described by experts as having your own - “Personal Franchise” 27 “The question wasn’t ‘could our business work?’” “The question was ‘can it duplicate?’” -Ray Kroc (McDonalds) “Personal Franchise” refers to a business method that is similar to a traditional franchise in terms of support But is not actually a franchise. It is unencumbered by the typical constraints of fees, territories, etc.

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I-Commerce ~ A Combination of Business Trends ~ I-Commerce Eliminates Infrastructure Cost Securing Products / Vendors Distribution & Shipping Building & Maintenance Inventory Control Customer Service 800# Employees & Payroll Accounts Receivable/Payable Business Tracking & Reports I-Commerce allows you to stay Focused in the Growth mode

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The Company We Keep Hundreds MORE WOW!! All logo and trademarks are property of their respective owners; They are provided for reference only and do not imply any connection or relationship between proalliance and these companies.

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#2 Provide high quality products Or Services in demand Available through the web-portal of www.

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Nearly ½ Billion $$ In Sales since 2002 Exclusive Many Flavors To choose from

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The World’s Leading Brand* Nutrilite Vitamins & Food Supplements Plant Based Organic Farms *Based on 2006 Sales Exclusive Double X Vitamins

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Exclusive Cosmetics and Skin Care Among the top 5 Prestige Brands in the World Time Defiance

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Perfect Water Perfect Empowered Drinking Water™ Purified via a 15 step process Re-Mineralized Ionized Microstructured Exclusive! Oxygen Rich MBO™ Proprietary process that stabilized oxygen In the water – The Family Secret! Exclusive!

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What We Do Create Business Ownership Change where we shop Offer those things to others Share the concept with others What we do is similar to online Retailers…… We Bring Customers to Companies Giving YOU a share of the revenue

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Your Home IBO The Next Step: Register Your Business & Change Where You Shop Register Buy Stuff Make Money

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Ditto Delivery UNIQUE, PATENTED, CUSTOM automatic ordering Products people buy, use & consume everyday EVERYTHING – from paper towels to skin care DOT 1 – Ditto on the First Powerful Business Management Tool Hundreds of Exclusive Products

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How do we make money?

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All Products are Assigned Points Values (PV) More Volume = More Points = More $$$ Create volume by changing where you and others shop: ~$2-3 = 1 point or 1 PV 150 PV = 450 BV 3% Bonus (3% x 450BV) = $13 Bonus $50 Fast Track Bonus $13 + $50 = $63 VS

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#3 Create Wealth For others

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Build Communities BUILD TEAMS

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How Do You Build Communities/Teams? facebook Friends Cell Phone Contacts

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Who’s Looking? ? ? ? ? ? Brochure On-line Video CD

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Who Are We Looking For? Ambitious Looking Teachable High Intregrity IS THIS YOU??

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Community Building Fast Track Personal 150 PV Retail 450 BV TEAM YOU 50/150 A 50/150 B 50/150 C 50/150 ~$424 Total Volume of 600PV/1800BV Preferred Customer Profit of ~$52 SIP = $50 New IBO Balanced Sponsor Fast Track = $200 New IBO Balanced Sponsor Bonus = ~$122 $63 $63 $63

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Duplication = More $$ Personal 150 PV Retail 450 BV TEAM YOU 50/150 A 50/150 B 50/150 C 50/150 ~$719 Total Volume of 1950PV/5850BV Preferred Customer Profit of ~$52 SIP = $50 New IBO Balanced Sponsor Fast Track = $225 New IBO Balanced Sponsor Bonus = ~$392 A1 50/150 B1 50/150 C1 50/150 $424 $424 $424 $63 $63 $63 $63 $63 $63 $63 $63 $63

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Founders Platinum YOU 7500 PV per month for 12 months $35,820 Average Income Plus $15,000 SIP Bonus Combined Total $50,820 10,000 PV per month for 12 months $46,260 Average Income Plus $20,000 SIP Bonus Combined Total $66,260

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YOU Founders Ruby More Duplication More Money 15,000 PV per month for 12 months $67,260 Average Income Plus $20,000 SIP Bonus Combined Total $87,260

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Ongoing Income by Helping Other Succeed 4% Bonus 4% bonus average $1142/month Each qualified group And that can be on-going…. YOU Pipeline Money

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Business Strategy Potential 9 Teams 8 Teams 7 Teams Founders Executive Diamond Fm - $952,986 to $1,009,838 Includes SIP - fm - $200,000 to $250,000 6 Teams 5 Teams 4Teams Founders Diamond Fm – $309,300 to $481,956 Includes SIP - fm - $100,000 to $250,000 3 Teams 2 Teams 1 Teams Founders Emerald Fm – $123,210 to $180,320 Includes SIP - fm - $25,000 to $75,000

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Current Corporate Business Facts Proven track record 2008 Global Revenue $8.2 Billion (a $1.1 Billion increase over 2007) Bigger than Yahoo Paid over $31 Billion in bonuses globally to Business Owners #1 in Health & Beauty in North America

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Can you see yourself….. 57 Stress Frustration Nervous or here? here?

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What’s Next? Get Questions Answered Go to Ask for Products Samples Be Prepared for an Explosion in your New Business Venture

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Summer Conference June 25th-27th, 2010 June 25th-27th, 2010 Gaylord Opryland Nashville, Tennessee Summer Conference

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Are you READY to get started? Or Do you need to see it again?