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The Library Management System allows you to manage all the activities and work related to library on one platform.


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Advantages of Library Management System :

Advantages of Library Management System By : Nikki Sharma

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2 I remember, when we were studying in the University, everything starting from list of book categories till the books and fines were managed in different registers. Each task was assigned a register for each academic year. This was just increasing the work of the library manager or the librarians, stationery costs and time. With the increasing advancement of cutting-edge technologies, like tabs and mobiles, the Library Management has become very simple and easy to use. The Library Management System allows you to manage all the activities and work related to library on one platform.

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3 The web based Library Management System is very important in the present scenario to deliver content and resources to students, faculty and staff. All the details of the books such as author name, edition, etc, can be managed with our online solution.

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4 Advantages of Our Campus Library Management System Record Maintenance Web-Based Solution Saves Time and Cost Secure and Reliable Increases Efficiency Simple and Easy to Use

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5 All the educational institutions should know following advantages of the Library Management System: Record Maintenance All records related to the book issued and return deadline can managed by the authorized personnel. The system also allows to record the fine received from the student in the same platform, which eases the work of reporting for the Library department. Web-Based Solution As the system is web based, no installation is required. An educational institution only requires a desktop or tab or mobile and an internet connection for the authorized personnel to login with the provided credentials.

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6 Saves Time and Cost It eliminates paper-based processes and reduces operation costs and saves time of the library management. So, library will become free of number of registers and files. Secure and Reliable The paper based process might incur data loss, however in case of Library Management System, it is much secure and reliable. Only the authorized personnel can login to the system and use it. Increases Efficiency The library management system enables the authorized personnel to keep proper records of all details of the books like author, edition, copies, issue and return dates and various fines that are charged. The system automatically calculates the fine as per the set parameters in it.

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7 Simple and Easy to Use The system is very user-friendly and easy to use. You do not need to be an IT professional to handle it. The Library is one of the vital department in every educational institution, and each institutions have different needs. We do not restrict the system to particular pre-developed features and the system can be customized as per the requirement. You can also look into the Student Management System, that consists Library Management as part. The Student Management System software will enable you to manage day to day administrative work of the educational institution.

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8 You can check out our website  to learn more about the student management system and if you need any further information, you can contact us at  [email protected] Address: 79 , Twyford road, Harrow, London - HA2 0SJ, United Kingdom Phone no: +44 844 736 1962 Email: [email protected]

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