3 Tips That Can Improve Your Teamwork In 2019


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We all know that successful project execution relies heavily on great teamwork and that can be managed smoothly with a well-featured teamwork software.


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3 Tips That Can Improve Your Teamwork in 2019 The project management scenario is changing day-by-day. The process of team building and improvisation in teamwork has become a big challenge for every project managers. As technology is getting advanced project management needs more improvements to reach out the deadline. Seeing the requirements and changes the traditional methods are no longer as effective as they used to be. Then what are the things we should avoid Let’s deep drive the risks in traditional project management 1. Not Encouraging Variety of Thoughts: Being a project manager it is your responsibility to encourage the diversity of thoughts of team members. Most of the project managers are quite dominant and they prefer their own ideas over others are enough without taking others suggestions. But this shows disrespect to the team members.

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Normally the project managers who follow traditional methods often do the same. And that is the main reason of projects fail or not able to deliver in time. 2. Not Managing Expectations Properly: Being on the same page it is important to evaluate the expectations of your teammates. In general some project managers don’t even consider this. Hence a big communication gap builds between the team and the project managers which results to project failure. 3. Not Managing Time Effectively: Time is the limited resource and unless it is managed nothing else can be managed. Proper time management plays a vital role in successful project completion. Generally traditional methods are lengthy and they take a lot of time to complete a project having a tendency to fall behind the given deadline. In this method project managers prefer to those activities first which are beneficial for them and their team members. 4. Lack of Co-ordination: In the traditional method team members are judged on how they performed in their last project rather than their overall performance. So usually team members do hesitate to work. This is because of the lack of coordination and transactional relationship between team members and project manager. 5. Engaging in Silo Mentality: If project managers dont share information about the project across the team members then they cant be able to gather all the information and facts they need to succeed. Hence it lacks to balance between the client’s expectation and the project progress. So possible common project management risks come to picture and the solution is much needed to get success.

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Lets have a look at the solutions for better project management below a. Clear Communication on Projects: When you are leading a team communication plays an important role. Being a project manager you need to have clear conversations on the project with your team members. Here are some tips for effective communication in your team: ● Weekly project update meetings ● Use of instant messengers to stay connected in real-time ● Arrange regular meetings ● Daily and weekly task updates b. Set Objectives: One should always remember achieving the company objective is the main focus of a project. Being a project manager it is your responsibility to provide the context to the team. You need to build a clear vision for your team members and bring the importance of their roles. Make team members understand their roles responsibilities and their importance in the project Effective inputs of company objective are much required like ● Communicate the project idea and strategies with each team member. ● Aware the team members on company mission vision and goals. ● Let your employees know all about the project like timespan resources requirements and others c. Workflow Management: Being a project manager delivering projects on time should be your first priority. But workflow management includes more than just missing or meeting a deadline.

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The workflow includes all aspects of time including meeting tight deadlines not taking extra time covering up the lost time and managing those who are lagging/leading as per the expectation. Effective workflow management can be made possible in your team with: ● Clearly communicate and plan each step with due dates ● Solid strategies to meet deadlines and quick implementation methods for pending tasks. ● Regular performance checking of the team and ask them to update their daily achievements ● Ensure everyone to access the resources they need to perform their jobs Summary: Bringing people together to work collectively is no longer a choice but a necessity for any project-based endeavors. We all know that successful project execution relies heavily on great teamwork and that can be managed smoothly with a well-featured teamwork software which clearly shows the picture of how different skills and personalities of a group of people can work together harmoniously to achieve project objective.

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