Teflon Coating VS Ceramic Coating Choose Wisely for your Car


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Teflon Coating is a process used to apply on car painted surface which works also like anti-rust coating against scratches, stone chips, swirls, and other harmful influence.


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Teflon Coating VS Ceramic Coating: Choose Wisely for your Car This blog from Opti Coat India will present you a better and much clear picture of which car coating solution to go for to ensure that the car stays shiny and brand new for longer. We are moving to breakdown and present all the chemical and physical properties its related myths and then further describe your which car coating solution either Teflon coating or ceramic is best suited for your car. In-Depth Knowledge about Teflon Coating: The most frequent question that any car detailing company from the side of the customer is if Teflon coating or PTFE coating is the same or different. Lots many people survive in confusion about the real difference between the two. So let me clear you that both the car coatings are the same.

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PTFE Polytetrafluoroethylene is a synthetic fluoropolymer of the tetrafluoroethylene possessing endless application and usage. The best famous brand name of the PTFE-based chemical formulas is the Teflon. So PTFE and Teflon are actually the same and Teflon is a brand which is a leader in providing PTFE coating for your car. The Teflon Coating is the fluoropolymer that has a strong base of the synthetic wax. Many of you out there might be thinking is it the same crafting material which any non-stick cookware is crafted off. The Teflon coating possesses a thickness of 0.2 microns and creates a dense protective layer onto the exterior surface of your car. The overall car protection for this car coating approximately lasts for 6 to 8 months that brings ultimate protection from scratches dust and any kind of environmental damages caused to paint. It easily removes the considerable amount of scratch and deep swirl marks onto the painted surface of the car. But its positive effects are short lasting. The Teflon Coating does not strongly bond with the painted surface but simply protects the painted surface of the car. This then further leads to the short life of a few months. After the 6 months of car coating it won’t provide any strong protection against any environmental hazard. It is inexpensive comparatively when directly compared to the Ceramic Coating. But the goal of car coating is to get the best and ultimate car care coating for you. Ceramic car coating is comparatively better than Teflon coating and is actually something which lasts longer and provides unbeatable protection. Even the application of Teflon Coating enhances the ability of crafted material applied upon the surface so as to prevent against few of the most common problems of any tear and wears in any level of temperatures. Process of Teflon Coating:

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• Car’s exterior surface is thoroughly washed and completely cleaned. • Then the external body is smoothly wiped and completely dried. • Later on the Teflon coating is professionally applied over the car painted in the lubricate form. • Once the car coating is strictly dried down after an hour. The further the car is then professionally polished using a polishing machine or car buffing process. • It almost takes 30 mins and even can stretch out for the buffing process and if properly done will even help you removing deep scratches too. Ceramic Car Coating: Ceramic coating strongly bonds to car’s painted surfaces at the molecular level filling up any kind of Nano-pores and forming an extremely hydrophobic surface which is strictly impervious to any kind of contamination. This makes this car coating best and ideal for any critical applications across all the

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automobile industries. No other car detailing product across the globe which performs exactly or even somewhat like this. It uses a clear coat technology that is much more effective than the synthetic wax. Ceramic car coating is actually a multilayer coating which enhances the car’s protection when the multiple layers are professionally applied. The ceramic coating gives a more permanent and durable car coating solution in for car’s paint Protection for years to go. Ceramic coating will surely enhance the life of the car’s exterior surface by preventing it from any kind of external damages like stone chips bird droppings chemical etching or acid rain. It not just adds protection but even maintain the factory shine look for longer. Ceramic coating brings much ease to your car cleaning process and even offers add-on durability when compared to the Teflon coating. Changing weather condition can even act as an enemy for your car so getting a thin clear layer onto the surface will surely protect your car from any wear and tears. It strongly acts as a tough barrier against any kind of water damage oxidation process corrosion and UV rays. It provides the car a beautiful and unbeatable shine and gloss that will bring you the feeling that every day you are driving a new car. The best part of ceramic car coating is that it can easily be applied to the interiors of the car. It strongly repels any kind of liquid from the surface and reduces the fading process even to the interiors of the car. very soon it will rule the car detailing the market and will define its existence as the future of the car coating business. Conclusion: We have observed the properties certain effects and the extreme protection level that both the Teflon Coating and Ceramic Coating brings to you. Both of them offer lifetime and ultimate shield on to the car’s surface but when you are having the option to choose any one of them then always prefer to go for and invest in getting ceramic coating protection onto the car surface. this car coating will act as a durable and permanent solution for the car. when it comes to your car if it has beauty with protection then it is a detailing product to invest in. being into car detailing I personally assure you that you will never regret getting your car protected with car coating. if longing for short term protection better invest in less by getting Teflon coating but if you want a life long shielding close your eyes and choose ceramic coating. to get more information on them visit us at http://www.opticoatindia.com/.