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This session would explain:  Digital literacy  Digitization  Types of digital information materials.  How to share a digital copy of an information resource

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 The ability to find evaluate share and create content using technology  The ability to use technologies to find evaluate create and communicate information

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- Digitization is the creation of digital objects from physical analogue origins by means of a scanner camera or other electronic device - Conversion of analog information to digital information - the process of preparing digital information resources

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- Translation of analog data into digital data - The process of preparing a digital image of something - The creation of a digital representative of something - Making a digital copy of a non-digital object

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- Visual materials: pertain to moving and/or still image items - Audio materials: these are any recorded sound - Audio-visual: these are therefore any recorded sound that include moving and/or still image items

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- Audio cassettes - Video cassettes - Motion pictures - Slides - Microforms - CD-ROMS - Photographs

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