Things You Should Know before Investing in an Online Charging System

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Cloud-based charging system has become a major requirement for telcos due to frequent disruptions in the telecom industry. The biggest reason for you to choose cloud-based telecom charging system architecture over traditional systems is the unmatched flexibility that it offers.


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Things You Should Know before Investing in an Online Charging System Although the launch of ​5G ​ is a great initiative in the race to match wired broadband speeds its value for a telecom operator hinges upon several factors. Faster data connection may seem like a real boon for the subscribers however it does not automatically translates into profits for telcos. A lot was expected by telcos after the launch of 4G which supplanted the erstwhile 3G connection. But instead of ​bringing in new revenue streams ​ it dug a hole in their pockets as subscribers were lured away by OTT over the top platforms like ​Netflix ​ Facetime and Skype. Hence it is imperative for a telecom operator to be proactive in his strategy while tackling 5G. One way of ensuring that you maximize the advantages offered by 5G is by investing in a real time charging system that monetizes all your offerings.

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What Makes an OCS the Ultimate Solution for 5G Billing 5 G Networks OCS Online Charging System ​ is a real time charging system that is designed to match the current requirements of telecom billing. It is 3GPP release 11 compliant and ​works a lot better than the charging systems employed in traditional billing solutions which lack the desired scalability and flexibility. Some key features of an ​online charging system ​ and traditional charging systems are listed below:

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1 ​. Session based and event based charging for different telecom offerings like voice calls and SMS 2. ​ Identification of subscriber and service before offering access to a service 3. ​ Monitoring and tracking service usage and also maintaining records in the database 4. ​ Updating subscriber balance 5. ​ Management of important features like blacklisting prepaid lifecycle live balance etc. 6. ​Calculating charges as per CDRs Call Data Records and recording them in the system database

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Things to Consider before Investing in a Real Time Charging System for 5G Real Time Charging System Although OCS has immense benefits and can be a worthy upgrade for your older charging systems there are certain things that you ​need to be mindful ​ of before investing in a real time charging system.

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1. ​ ​Past and future compatibility ​ — To ensure that OCS works with legacy and future applications you should invest in a robust and backward compatible real time charging system. A good upgrade option ​ is an OCS that can be integrated with older IN ​intelligent network ​ along with next-gen IP 5G FTTH/HFC wireless and wire line networks. 2 ​. ​Postpaid/prepaid convergence ​ — An OCS should allow for complete postpaid/prepaid convergence so you can ​offer composite VAS ​ Value Added Services along with video and voice services quickly. 3 ​. ​Convergence between service and network ​ — With so many different data speeds provided by ​different connectivity platforms ​ e.g. CDMA 2.5G LTE WiMAX Wi-Fi 3G IMS 5G broadband it is important that an OCS should show true convergence in rating a variety of applications with different bandwidth requirements. 4 ​. ​Intuitive graphical user interface GUI ​ — To make operations simple the OCS should have an ​easy to operate

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GUI that lets telcos customize their 5G offerings quickly and as per requirement. 5 ​. ​Support vendor partnerships ​ — A ​real time charging system ​ ​should allow for the ​management of different vendor ​ partnerships e.g. partnerships with MVNOs MVNEs OTT etc.

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