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Genre Research:

Genre Research Olivia Ward

Post Modernism:

Post Modernis m “Post Modern films attempt to subvert the mainstream conventions of narrative structure, characterization and destroys (or, at least, toys with) the audience's suspension of disbelief.” Post modern films are often made to be realistic yet most of the time their concepts are not possible in real life. Some main features of a post modern film includes: Time changing/travelling Dystopian future Rearranged story line (Anachronism) Multiple identities Timelines Alternate universes/realities Aliens/robots/clones Olivia Ward - Go Cinema Olivia Ward Go Cinema

Other Genres:

Other Genres Although our brief was to create a trailer for a post modern film, it is such a broad genre that they can also cross over and become a hybrid or sub genre. For example: Post Modern and Sci-fi links well together as a lot of films of this niche are set in the future or space which is a common post modern concept. Post modern and Sci-fi Post modern and Fantasy Post modern and Thriller Post modern and Action Olivia Ward Go Cinema

Influences: The Matrix:

Influences: The Matrix The Matrix is known and recognised for being one of the best post modern/fantasy/action films. All together, these aspects present the film as post modern. Our film, and certain character types have been based mainly from this film. Our reality guards are extremely similar to A gent Smith as he can shapeshift and wears a typical spy outfit with a few minor changes. We also were influenced by the multiple realities so we made a clear difference between the two as our main protagonist runs through a tunnel from one reality to another. It has different aspects of different genres such as; Shapeshifting agents – Fantasy Fight and chase scenes – Action Alternate realities – Sci Fi Olivia Ward Go Cinema

Influences: Prison Films:

Influences: Prison Films Although there has not been a massively successful film set in prison in recent years, we thought it would be a good idea for our production as it is bold and original. Prison films mean very distinctive mise en scene such as costume, locations, props and character types. Two films that really inspired me were ‘Con air’ and ‘ Shawshank Redemption ’. This is because they both have very interesting characters that are completely different (the prisoners in Con Air are much tougher and were violent whereas the main characters in Shawshank are the opposite). This influenced me to set a range of tough and weak characters for our inmate roles . Olivia Ward Go Cinema

Influences: Avatar:

Influences: Avatar Another film that influenced our film is ‘Avatar’ but only in terms of editing. In this film, when the characters transfer into the Avatar world, the editing is very different and uses specific colours to emphasise the difference in realities. However, the alternative reality in Avatar (Pandora) was made entirely out of special effects which we have not taken influence from as we wanted our film/trailer to look realistic as well as the fact that animation would be very difficult and time consuming. In our film, we will use Adobe Premier Pro and Adobe After Effects to add effects, animations and colours to show that J has travelled between worlds Olivia Ward Go Cinema

Reality Shift: How our Film Suits the Action/Post-Modern Genre:

Reality Shift: How our F ilm Suits the Action/Post-Modern G enre Or film uses conventions of the post modern genre as well as common features of an action film. For our trailer, we wanted to prove this by adding in scenes that demonstrate this. Feature Post Modern or Action Other Morphing Humans/ State Change Post Modern Similar to Post Modern Film ‘Terminator’ Chase Sequence Action Antagonist vs. Protagonist Prison Setting Action Interesting characters, setting Gliching Effects Post Modern Post Modern feature where reality can be challenged/ There is no truth On the left, I have created a grid that demonstrates four features from our trailer, that fit into either the action or post modern genre and how it relates by using other examples etc . The titles for out trailer also fit this genre as they are distorted and animated to look futuristic. Olivia Ward Go Cinema

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