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Steven Goldmann humbly requesting you look at everything I have accomplished since my transgressions and hope you can find it within your scope to work with our company. Indifference, and pushing through it is what I believe sets people apart from one another.


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Steven Goldmann

Steven Goldmann :

Steven Goldmann The unit was immediately made aware of the austere conditions we would be deploying to at forwarding Operating Base (FOB) Mahmudiyah , and Steven Goldmann identified himself as having unique skillsets for acquiring and implementing a wide variety of electronics and communications equipment. Initially, he procured commercial satellite f the iceberg. Upon our ar internet capabilities.

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But this was just the tip of the iceberg. Upon our arrival at the FOB, it became apparent that the equipment was inadequate for our requirements. Not only did Steven become proficient in all provided forms of classified and unclassified communications, but he also began locating additional systems for unit utilization . Steven Goldmann

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