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Whatever your production calls for, NYC Video Pros is your full-service video production solution: both on-site and in-studio for more please visit


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Video Production NYC  :

Video Production NYC 

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About Us Not To Toot Our Own Horn – We Have Great Clients! Since our inception, NYC Video Pros has worked with a wide variety of leading organizations across a multitude of industries. We’ve traveled thousands of miles, giving our valued clients from across the country the ability to leverage our cost-effective media production solutions for their professional needs. Our diverse client base includes organizations both in the non-profit and commercial space. We have extensive experience working with organizations in the healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors, as well as those involved with technology, education, entertainment, travel and a variety of other disciplines.

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All of these sectors come with unique topic areas and require attention to the fine details. Our services are perfect for communicating complex messages in a professional presentation that’s easy to understand. Simply put, NYC Video Pros expertise helps you produce powerful video content. Our production processes have helped a wide variety of organizations communicate and produce effective content.

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SHOOTING. Our goal is to capture the most beautiful and appealing content every time we shoot for a client. We know that our New York City based clients, as well as those based around the country and around the world, count on us to produce professional grade video content. To do that we have highly experienced shooters, who are skilled in the art form of capturing beautiful video content to make sure the video we produce for clients always comes out looking magnificent. In today’s media savvy world it’s often overlooked, however it is the bedrock to developing polished video content for your organization.

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Editing Post-production is one of the most important parts of the filming process. This is where perfection happens! Post-production integrates all of the work we’ve done starting in the pre-production phase through the actual filming of your event Our team edits and unifies the film we’ve captured to create an end product that is sure to delight you! Post-Production is where we sprinkle a little fairy dust on your video and make it perfect…

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Producing Video Production Is In Our DNA When you work with NYC Video Pros for your video content needs, you can be sure that our dedication to your project shines through in your finished project. From the day your video production project starts we’re focused on the outcome of your video production. Our skilled team takes care of all the fine details of your production, starting with organizing the shoot, planning the right look and feel, cultivate a script or outline – if needed, and completing the on-site and studio work that materialization

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Publish. A plethora of online distribution options to meet your expanding needs including Podcasts, Webcasts, Webisodes , In-line Video. Whatever the term you use, NYC Video Pros’s  Video Producer can work with you to distribute your content online and leverage these new avenues… we can post audio or video content to iTunes as a Podcast series, share your videos on YouTube, or provide you with the necessary tools to integrate your content into your own website and/or e-mail marketing campaigns.

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Contact us Call or Text Us Anytime at 212.931.4866 or use the form below. Email us [email protected]

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