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HAND HELD UV SANITIZER UV-SAN1 ‘Nucleonix Systems’ a high technology Instrumentation company with its vast design experience in the field of Nuclear Instrumentation has taken up the mission to develop and introduce equipment’s for covid-19 combating. This Hand held UV sanitizer Type UV-SAN1 developed and made available for combatting of COVID-19 is one such product. UV germicidal irradiation UVGI is a well-known inactivation technology. Of all the technologies available UV irradiation is superior as it is non-contacting type to sanitize various household and office articles gadgets. It effectively damages DNA/RNA of the viruses thereby damaged organisms cannot replicate. This UV sanitization technology is useful for air all types of surfaces of gadgets and for water treatment etc. It kills variety of viruses bacteria fungi etc including COVID-19. Features:  Uses two UVc tubes of each 11w totalling to 22w total output.  UV sanitizer destroys bacteria viruses and fungi within a few seconds with99.99 probability including COVID-19 on exposed surfaces.  Enclosure: Powder coated/painted Aluminium enclosure with suitable handle.  It effectively damages DNA/RNA of the viruses thereby damaged organisms cannot replicate.  Applications: Ideal choice for sanitization of all small articles at office home on scanning exposed surfaces.  “UVc sterilized face masks” can be re-used by health care professionals. Specifications:  UVc Power: Uses two UVc tubes of each of 11W totalling generating 22w output.  Radiation emitted: UV Type C radiation 254nm.  Active UV emission window: 20L X 9 W in cm. Approx..  Mechanical Dimensions: 30L x 12W x 7.5H. in cm Approx.. Enclosure: Powder coated / painted aluminium enclosure with suitable handle.  Weight: Approx. 1.3 kg. NUCLEONIX SYSTEMS PVT. LTD.

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