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Lions By Stephen

Lion’s body:

Lion’s body A lion body looks large. A lion has fur around its neck called a mane. A female lion does not. A lion has fur on its tail. A lion moves on its 4 legs. The lion eats meat by hunting other animals.

Lion’s habitat:

Lion’s habitat The lion habitat is Africa and india . A lion home looks like a safari. A lion home looks like a safari. Lions live inapride . There is one male can be several female and cubs.

Lion’s way of life:

Lion’s way of life A lion special defenses is biting . A lions enemies is a tiger. The young are called cub.

Lion’s importance:

Lion’s importance A lion harmful , because a lion is a wild animal and can attack man. The interesting fact about lions is the female lion does all the hunting and raising the cubs. I choose a lion because it is my favorite animal. The most interesting thing about lions is that they are the king of the jungle.

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