Alyssa - Snow White Leopard

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Snow White Leopard by Alyssa:

Snow White Leopard by Alyssa

Snow White Leopard’s Body:

Snow W hite L eopard’s Body Soft grey coat, white on belly. Head and limbs marked with solid black or brown spots. ; body is covered with bron blotches ringed with black streak runs down the back. It runs to move. Snow White Leopard’s prey or large bird and mammals or all sizes such as wild sheep, wild boar, mice and deer.

Snow White Leopard’s Habitats:

Snow White Leopard’s Habitats Mountains of southern and central Asia. They chose bedding near cliffs they stay in one area for several days and then move to another part of their home range( cover 1,000 square kilometers) They share there home with there young's ( cubes).

Snow White Leopard’s Way Of Life:

Snow White Leopard’s Way Of Life They have sharp teeth, very sharp claws. They run 20 mph. Humans are there enemies because they hunt them for food and for there fur to make coats. They call there young a cube.

Snow White Leopard's Importance:

Snow White Leopard's Importance It would hamful a man if you scare it away. A snow leopard uses its long, bushy tail to stay balanced while scaling steep mountainside. It also uses it as sort of scarf to stay warm during naptime. I picked this animal because it is my favorite tip of animal. Also the interesting thing I learned was that it runs 20mph.