What are the various types of healthcare software testing

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What are the various types of healthcare software testing Software testing is a mandatory process that needs to be done before any healthcare application launch. Testing not only helps identify defects and errors in the application but also helps evaluate its quality and performance. Software testing can be done either done manually or automated depending on the framework of the application and the type of product. The various types of healthcare software testing are: Functional Testing As the name says this type of software testing checks the functionality of the healthcare application. Functional testing generally involves 6 steps:  Identification of the functional output of the device  Creating and adding the input database  Specifying the parameters of the functions  Creating test case scenarios and checking the functionalities  Comparing the results obtained with the actuals  Recording the results Platform Testing This type of software testing involves checking the functionality and performance of the software application on different platforms such as mobiles desktops and tablets. Testers will also check if the application is running properly on different types of operating systems. Conformance Testing Also known as compliance testing this type of software testing basically checks if the application meets the standard guidelines or regulations set by FDA HIPAA CCHIT and/or other regulatory boards. Parameters such as access control data encryption data sanitization and more are checked during conformance testing. Conformance testing needs to be conducted and results audited before any software application is launched for patient use. Performance Testing The performance of the healthcare application is completely tested in this type of testing. Different types of test scenarios similar to the real-time situations are created and the application is tested. The tester will check if the healthcare application will be able to bear the load and seamlessly perform even when multiple users are logged on to it. The multiple test cases their results and the data recorded validates the software for real-world usage.