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Jhai Network: 

Jhai Network Organize knowledge in relation to geography


Money, says the proverb, makes money. When you have got a little, it is often easy to get more. The great difficulty is to get that little. - Adam Smith

Meet villagers’ needs with a new communication tool: 

Meet villagers’ needs with a new communication tool The need to make more money while preserving our traditions The need to learn in our own style and language so that our family and our village can benefit The desire to assure my children’s children to the fourth generation have enough to eat and less pain from poverty

Means writ large: 

Means writ large To communicate in own language with people who speak or write my or another language To communicate visually and orally To connect with relatives, friends and business associates without mediation, except by request To converse with ‘experts’ upon request, with grace and respect

Our solution: 

Our solution Completely searchable Geographically mapped Wiki built website With a very friendly ‘relationship’ pages for villages with interface in local language and Light touch moderation and An associated virtual oral conferencing service With near-simultaneous translation services

With these Data Types: 

With these Data Types Text Voice Image Video

Using these Portals: 

Using these Portals Geographic location Language Topic

Geographically mapped: 

Geographically mapped Use Google Earth or similar GIS Filters for crop data Combine local and international data to track and predict weather

Wiki built: 

Wiki built Build using attained knowledge of Wikipedia Create opportunities for direct knowledge sharing and links to locally produced stories, images, videos, blogs socio-economic data government schemes, partnerships, underwriting; opportunities, investment, markets Current events input from relatives and guests in own language or English

Locally controlled pages: 

Locally controlled pages Local language or English Translated at local option or with permission Wiki moderated mainly through local input per wikipedia experience

Light touch moderation: 

Light touch moderation Moderation necessary per wikipedia not so much for accuracy, as for ‘do no harm’ Develop FAQs Develop online instruction for use Develop multi sensory approaches for training materials for use in villages

An associated virtual audio conferencing service: 

An associated virtual audio conferencing service Linked separate website Sponsored Topics chosen by traffic analysis or village suggestions Monthly or quarterly Audio, test video secondly

With near-simultaneous translation services: 

With near-simultaneous translation services UN style – local language to English, English to all local languages involved in conference Find translators as locally as possible Use professional translators for large language groups Translators will need access to two computers?

Local Portal: 

Local Portal Kasmadi, India Latitude | Longitude Search Kumar family wedding (video - Hindhi) Kumar family wedding follows all traditions, 2000 at reception Our wifi connection (drawings, mapped, text) Narrative, contact information, lessons learned Women weavers join SEWA (audio of ceremony) Time related news event, contact, links New seeds available to meet needs as defined through participatory research with MSSRF (images, text, drawings) Reasons, weather data, water table data, inputs, economic data as understood locally Village Data Who owns what land Crop Economic activity by type Most frequent recent topics

Search Results: 

Search Results Data Type Topic Language Location Documents sorted by data type, topic, language and geographic location. How we set up wifi here Hindi Bithoor Choosing the right computer Tamil Ponticherry How to purify water Afrikaan Capetown Example of measles (image) Portuguese Brazilia

Business Case Assumptions, Questions: 

Business Case Assumptions, Questions FOSS Bench tested in India, US Field tested in India, Brazil, South Africa Expenses (to be developed) for development Fixed costs Running costs Replacement costs Revenues (to be discussed) Move towards Google-style ads after two years of tests? Alternative revenue models? Sponsored by UN, donors? Ownership?

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