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Poster Research Nicholas Thetford


Base Image The base image is visually stunning and related to the content of the movie however doesn’t give much of the plot away. Tagline The tagline is intriguing because it is short but gives slight context to the movie and the base image. Billing The billing lists the actors, not necessarily in order of character’s importance but, in order of how much the actor costs, or how notable the actor is. Some actor contracts include ‘top billing’, meaning they get listed first. In this case of the Inception poster Leonardo DiCaprio, who also plays the main protagonist has top billing with his name bigger and listed before the rest of the actors credited on the poster. Title The movie title is the biggest text on the poster, in a bold font and colour. The font used is the advertising font – slightly different to how it appears in the movie I show this convention in my titles & research presentation . Release Date The release date is in a clear bold font. It is joined with the phrase ‘experience it’, advertising the movie as something more than a movie but an event. Distribution/Production The logos of the distributers, production and other company logos are at the bottom of the poster. They’re all in a uniform colour and can be missed at a glance as to not disturb the poster however are there as they all put money into the movie. Director Credit In this poster another successful film the director directed is listed just above the title, this is to make people who watched The Dark Knight and liked it want to see this film as it was made by the same person. Details Conventionally a poster gives details on how you can watch the film, in this poster it is advertised saying that it can be seen in IMAX, a more expensive and desirable way to see a film.