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Audience Feedback Rough Cut:

Audience Feedback Rough Cut Nicholas Thetford

What sort of music should we use in our trailer?:

What sort of music should we use in our trailer? What would help explain the plot more? From the audience feedback the majority (50%) say that our trailer should have a mixture of electronic, suspenseful and upbeat music. No one said that we should just put in upbeat music, meaning that we will keep it to a minimum. The majority (60%) said that we had explained the plot enough, however 40% of people asked still think that we could/should incorporate more exposition so we will extend the plot explanations.


The trailer is too short, how would you expect the trailer to be longer? The majority (50%) voted that all areas could be extended – such as action shots, location shots and dialogue. The next biggest category was action shots with 30% of the votes. Therefore we will populate the trailer with a faster pace of shot and cutting. Are the beginning credits including movie titles effective? The majority of people (70%) said that our text in the beginning of the trailer was not effective, this is because the fonts were placeholders for the actual font. We planned to change the font anyway but the fact that 70% of people surveyed said that the credits were ineffective means we will have to change them harshly – adding effects in after effects like the Enigma logo and correcting the terrible scaling effect. ANIMATED GIF


Would this font work with our trailer? 100% of people surveyed said that the font ‘ Poplar Std ’ would work in our trailer so therefore we will use that font in the trailer – this font will be used on the credits referenced in the previous question. SAMPLE What credits are would you expect to see in a trailer? The credit that got the most votes were the actors with 40% so we will include the credits for the actors in our finished trailer, along with the director (30%), we will include the other credits to meet conventions however their importance to the audience as shown here is low so they will only be included in the text at the bottom of the trailer’s final screen.