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Characters & Representation:

Characters & Representation Nicholas Thetford Ben Reeves Detective Kaitlin


Ben See Ben’s costume with justifications and representation here . Ben is the prime suspect in the investigation into Kate’s murder, however as specified in the pitch he is innocent. The central plot of the movie is around Ben and the clones, Ben doesn’t remember the night of the death apart from an argument meaning he’s not certain of his innocence. For the reasons above we will give both representations in the trailer so the audience is unaware of whether he is guilty or not for the purpose of getting them to see the movie. As seen in the first few shots of the shooting script we planned for the opening to be a level shot, of both Ben and Benjamin in a clear light source. While later on he storms out, slamming the door of the house while it is dark both the action and the lighting contrast with the beginning of the planed shooting script. With both of the connotations throughout the trailer it keeps the audience wanting to know whether he’s completely innocent. Ben Reeves Detective Kaitlin


Kaitlin See Katlyn’s costume with justifications and representation here . Katlyn doesn’t have much screen time at all, in the first draft of the shooting list she didn’t appear, then we used small ambiguous close up shots in a later draft – now that we have revised what needs to be included in the trailer she appears for a few seconds in a close up of her neck with the QR code front and centre. In this single shot she is brushing her hair, which is a completely innocent action on the surface however, when you take into account she is the murderer it’s menacing – slow and methodical brushes which mirrors the clone’s slightly slower but calculated cognition but contrasts with the fast, passion filled action of the murder. Ben Reeves Detective Kaitlin

Detective Reeves:

Detective Reeves See Detective Reeve s’ costume with justifications and representation here . Detective Reeves is the lead detective on the Kate’s murder. We will light Reeves with natural light, this is because his character is solely used for good and artificial light could cast harsh shadows on the character which can connote a darker side to a character than intended. The first shot containing Reeves is a low angle shot as he walks under some police tape, this angle makes him look tall and imposing thereby connoting his importance. We carry this throughout the rest of the trailer however it’s not as explicit as this first shot of him. When he is talking to the Police Detective he doesn’t address the assumption that the clones are innocent which shows that he is more open minded to different possibilities, while not being very vocal about it – he is very much in the minority in this world. Ben Reeves Detective Kaitlin

Police Detective:

Police Detective See the Police Detective’s costume with justifications and representation here . This second police detective was added so that Reeves would have someone to explain the murder to and subsequently the plot to the audience. He is also only shown in natural light like Reeves connoting the purity and innocence that we wanted for Reeves. There is not anything this character does in the trailer but ask Reeves some questions and point out that clones are the slave race. Although his purpose is completely plot device driven we used his character to show the movie’s world’s view of the clones, meaning he is a stand in for the average person – while Reeves doesn’t address the fact that a clone is assumed innocent, which as pointed out on the previous slide, shows he is a more open minded person which ultimately gets him going on Kaitlin’s tail. Detective Ben Reeves Kaitlin