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In an era of restlessness, everybody likes to talk about witty tweets, quick-tip videos, and funny memes – but there’s one marketing tool that still remains most powerful after all these years: That’s the email that hits your inbox.


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Email Design Best Practices 2020 Guidelines:

Email Design Best Practices 2020 Guidelines


In an era of restlessness, everybody likes to talk about witty  tweets , quick-tip  videos , and funny memes – but there’s one  marketing tool  that still remains most powerful after all these years: That’s the email that hits your inbox.


However, an effective email marketing strategy done in the last few years may not work today. According to the  best branding companies in India , there are high chances that all direct sales offers sent to inboxes will be marked as spam, and forever left unopened. In March 2019, spam messages accounted for 56% of  global email traffic . The challenge is to develop  email campaigns  that are as appealing and informative as other marketing tools which are more heavily consumed in this age of social media and apps. Is your 2020 email marketing strategy poised for success? Times have changed, and so  have email marketing trends . Therefore, we need to figure out what works and what doesn’t. Some effective  email marketing tactics  that you should be aware of  in 2020 and beyond .


Mobile Matters As suggested by the best branding company in India, making sure to integrate your emails for mobile usage is more necessary now than ever . Up to 60% of email opens are on mobile, depending on the industry. 75 % of Gmail users are using their mobile devices to access their email. 42.3 % of consumers will delete an email if it isn’t optimized for mobile. User-generated content is an email-stimulated trend The top brand consultancy in India defines User-Generated Content (UGC) as any piece of content (text, images, audio, visual, etc ) that is created by the (end) user or in some cases the public. Especially the gathering and showing of product reviews and customer feedback which are quite popular in the email marketing channel.


Social media integration In the multitude of social media platforms, it seems every user has found a network to join. As per the best branding companies in India , to make the most out of your email marketing, it’s important to integrate it with your social media as people use networks to discover products and review products and services. Moreover, modern customers crave the peer recommendations before making the purchase decision. When brands interact with shoppers on social media, the targeted audiences spend 20-40% more Email Marketing ROI There’s a lot to be gained from smart email marketing as told to us by the best branding consulting company in India. For every $1 spent, email marketing generates $32 in ROI. Emails conversion is higher than social media, direct traffic, and search ads. 81% of businesses attest email drive customer acquisition & 80% retention.


Video Content As we know it’s the generation of video content as 5G bandwith has given all a room to play in nearly for free! According to the best brand consulting firms in India, for about 90% of customers, product videos are helpful in the decision making process and with the help of video content, it’s easier to show off your product, explain how to use it, and even build brand affinity. Hence, if you want to create interactive emails that deliver business results, make videos a part of your email marketing strategy. Act on Automation The  top brand consultancy in India  says, if you have not automated your email marketing efforts till now; 2020 is the year to start. 75% of marketers are using at least one type of marketing automation tools. Mapping customer preferences, using personalized content is considered the most effective ways to optimize marketing automation.


Accessible Design Designing for accessibility means pulling back on all-image email templates and emphasizing real text in HTML. As per the best brand consultant in Delhi NCR, there are simple ways to make your email design more accessible and effective to a larger audience: Use real text HTML Create a strong visual hierarchy within your email Be cognizant of text justification; avoiding long content of center-justified text Use appropriate font sizes and optimize line spacing Use high contrasting colors to ease the readability! Need more inputs on email market; we can make the email marketing strategy for you as pert of the whole digital marketing services offering …click here to get in touch with us or email at  [email protected]

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