Internet Security Threats To Look Out For

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Internet Security Threats To Look Out For In order to protect your business from cyber attacks it is extremely important to know and have a better understanding about the potential threats lurking around. Some of them have been mentioned below. SQL Injection Attacks If a SQL injection attack is launched successfully it can read business sensitive data modify or execute administrative operations which in turn can disrupt the business process. Phishing Attacks In such attacks hackers send malicious emails from sources that appear to be legitimate and once you open them your system gets infected by malware. Protect your business from these attacks by training your employees to not open up emails sent from unknown sources. Malware Attacks Malware is a malicious software that may infect the system in multiple ways. Some of the most common types of malware attacks are ransomware adware  Trojan attack spyware etc. DoS/DDoS Attacks In this attack a businesss system is flooded with a lot of traffic from several sources. Configure your web based server applications correctly in order to protect your business from DDoS attacks. 2500 West Loop South Suite 410 Houston TX 77027 Phone: 713 218 - 5000 Netsync Network Solutions Inc. Image Source: Designed by Freepik

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