Wi-Fi Security Threats

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W i - Fi Security Threats Over the years threats like WEP cracking war driving have been the worst nightmare for security experts. However with constantly evolving products investment in faster WLANs the chances of such attacks have reduced significantly. Here we have listed some other threats to Wi-Fi security. Wireless Phishing Attacks The hackers continue to develop new techniques to phish Wi-Fi users i.e. they poison the uncleared browser cache to redirect clients to phishing sites. To avoid this threat it is essential to clear browser cache every time you exit the browser. Man-In-The-Middle Attacks In such attacks hackers try to steal  data by intercepting the data packages being transferred since most connections dont have mutual authentication protocols between two ends. End Point Attacks In recent times hackers have been focusing their attention on Wi-Fi endpoints have started launching attacks using endpoint exploits. So update your Wi-Fi drivers regularly in order to protect yourself from such attacks. Evil Twin Access Points  The hackers clone a legitimate AP and create an identical AP. When you connect to a  Wi-Fi network using that AP you are actually connecting to the twin AP that further sends your data to the hacker.  Wifi CONNECTION 2500 West Loop South Suite 410 Houston TX 77027 Phone: 713 218 - 5000 www.netsyncnetwork.com Netsync Network Solutions Inc. Image Source: Designed by Freepik

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