Why Mobile Commerce Matters

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Why Mobile Commerce Matters :

Why Mobile Commerce Matters


In recent years mobile commerce has exploded onto the scene. Where the internet revolutionised the way companies marketed and promoted their products and services, so now the world of mobiles and smart devices is changing how customers like to do business. Mobile commerce is primarily about two things: the ability for customers to find you using their smart phones or devices either via social media or your website and a service which allows them to use their smart device to pay for goods or services over the internet.


As the popularity of using mobile phones and smart devices increases, more and more companies are beginning to get on board with mobile commerce; investing in mobile commerce solutions which make it safer, easier and faster for customers to use their devices to make purchases. As these investments are made, consumers become more confident about making such transactions and this in turn makes them more likely to use their smart devices and the cycle continues. If you are new to the world of mobile commerce then here are some things worth considering:-


Mobile Commerce Solutions


Update your website Mobile responsive websites are an absolute must for anyone who wants to make proper use of mobile commerce solutions; and even more so since Google announced it would penalise any website which it deemed to be unresponsive. A responsive website means that it adjusts to suit the screen on which it is being viewed, whether a phone screen or a tablet screen. There are numerous design agencies who can help with the creation of such a website and who will also be able to advise on the necessary updates and changes needed to allow customers to make purchases directly through your website as well. Having a good website will increase your online visibility which will, in turn, increase the potential for new customers and business.


Promote Your Website Social media is a great way of sharing your website with potential customers. Having a strong online presence can increase the chances of new customers finding you, engaging with you and recommending you to their friends and family. If you don’t already have accounts on the larger social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter then we would strongly recommend you look into developing a social media marketing strategy. If customers don’t know that they can buy things directly from your website, then they won’t come and visit you. Getting your name out there is a vital part of the process.


Secure Your Website If customers are going to be making payments directly to you via your website then you need to make sure that your website and chosen payment system is secure and unlikely to be the recipient of fraudulent activity. Not only will this harm you but it can make your business look bad. Mobile commerce is undoubtedly the future so why not get on board now and start reaping the rewards?

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