Five Symptoms Indicating It’s Time for an Eye Exam


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Five Symptoms Indicating It’s Time for an Eye Exam


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Five Symptoms Indicating It’s Time for an Eye Exam Eyes are the sensitive and vital organs of our body. At one end it helps us see the beauty of life and manage our day to day activities. While on the other end our eyes are a clear indicator of our body and mental health. Eye specialists can not only detect our eye-sight problem but also find out other diseases and disorders in our body in the procedure of eye checkups. With the increase in several health-related problems our eyes are often taken for granted. Unfortunately many of us do not take our eyes seriously until any major issue arises. Hence it is advised by many eye specialists in Franconia VA to go for an eye exam annually. In this block we will discuss eight symptoms that indicate it’s time for an eye exam.  Blurred Vision: One of the common symptoms of eye problem is blurred vision. If you face problem in reading the signboards on the road or have a problem in reading the font in magazines or restaurant menus sometimes it happens that people cannot make out faces of friends colleagues. If you are unable to see distant objects but can visualize nearby objects you are developing near nearsightedness but if you can see distant objects but not near ones you may have farsightedness. Hence if you are experiencing fuzzy eyesight it is time to fix an appointment with an eye doctor.

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 Eye fatigue: Quite often one may be feeling that our eyes get hurt after reading driving or watching television. But we may relate it to some other health issues like cough and cold. So according to expert advice it is ideal to consult an eye doctor if you feel you are squinting or straining your eyes to see things.  Headaches: Another symptom of the eye-sight problem is headaches. Many a time people feel headaches like chronic pain on the head. So one needs to gauze out the number of times the headaches come and disappear. Headaches could be due to other health problems also. But if you are experiencing headaches along with blurred vision and squinting eye it is ideal to consult an eye doctor.  Double vision: Numerous reasons are associated along with double vision such as vertigo or intoxication. But some serious eye disease can also be linked with double vision such as cataracts. Another risk to eyes could be caused due to Graves’s disease as it not only affects the thyroid gland but also can affect eye muscle movement.  Inconsistent Vision: If you are looking at an object and it appears clear while after sometimes it goes blurry and again comes to its normal vision. While sometimes it could be the result of lighting effects but if it happens more frequently you need to fix an appointment with an eye doctor.  Light Sensitivity: No doubt some people are more sensitive to lights as compared to others. Many complain about headaches in the presence of strong fluorescent lights. But if you find something unusual than before like you now feel more sensitivity towards light. It could be a reason for vision loss or eye infection such as photophobia.  Halos and line distortion: It is quite common to experience Halos and wavy vision when going from extreme light to extreme darkness and vice-versa. But experiencing it regularly and without any increase or decrease in light effect is an indication that you need to consult an eye specialist. If you see round balls of light it could be symptoms of cataract.

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Conclusion: Lack of proper vision can result in missing many useful opportunities in our life. Being born is bad luck but losing vision due to negligence is pathetic. With the advancement of optometry many eye related problems can be detected at an early stage before vision loss is in full effect but one should not take the eyes for granted and hence go for regular eye checkups. Also Read:  Why People Prefer Falls Church VA For Eye Exam  Three Benefits of Going for an Eye Exam Drs. May Hettler Associates Address: 6098 Franconia Road Alexandria Virginia USA Zip Code: 22310 Contact No: 855-970-2020 Email ID: Website:

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