Different Types of Eye Exam

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Different Types of Eye Exam


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Different Types of Eye Exam It is advisable for almost everyone to go for an eye exam even if you feel you have a perfect vision. Although some people need corrective lenses others may be unknowingly suffering from serious eye disease the outcome of which cannot be known at an early stage. It is unless you go for an eye test you will be able to know about any serious eye problem. Glaucoma cataracts retinal detachment and disorders of the cornea are some of the serious eye problems leading to loss of vision. Glaucoma has no early signs unless leading to compromise in vision. Optometrist and Ophthalmologists perform a wide range of test starting from minor tests like eye chart and moving ahead to more intricate tests like checking the minute structure of eyes to spot any serious eye problem. If you are located in Sterling V and opting to go for an eye exam you are lucky enough since there are many clinics conducting eye exam in Sterling VA.

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Different types of Eye Exam:  Visual Acuity: It is a classic eye chart test in which the optometrist uses a chart that often has numbers or alphabets written on it. You will initially read the chart far away and later on at your arm’s length. The test will help in detecting your vision and also the visual acuity and also the ability to focus on distant objects.  Cover test: This test helps in detecting the ability of your eyes to work together when focussing on a particular object. At the time you focus on a distant object the doctor covers each eye individually. In the process the adjustment speed of each eye is judged. Isolating each eye helps in revealing the problem that could be masked due to both the eyes working in accord.  Refraction: It is an upper version of retinoscopy. While the former gives a general prescription refraction exam gives exact results. In this process you look through several lenses in sequence with the help of a phoropter placed in front of your eyes. You are asked to judge which two lenses perfectly give a clearer picture. Further by narrowing the lenses the doctor can find the perfect pair of lenses for you. Tips to follow before going for an eye exam:  Family History: One should provide correct information to the eye doctor regarding the family’s health history. It is ideal for informing the doctor regarding how many of the family members use corrective lenses. Again there are many diseases which come combined to eye diseases like diabetes Cancer and heart diseases. So giving proper health-related information to an eye doctor can detect major eye issues in advance.  Allergic: Reveal about all those substances causing allergies in your body. Do not leave anything out.

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 Medications: When your doctor asks you about your medical history. Do inform all the details and do not hide anything. It could happen that due to some medication you are going for years the eye doctor needs to alter the medication else could result in an adverse effect.  Recent events: If there are certain recent changes in your life such as work environment relocated to a foreign environment or are undergoing a stressful situation. In such cases the cardiovascular system works hard resulting in damage in eye parts. Hence inform your doctor regarding any stressful situation you are undergoing so that the doctor can help you cope up with the situation. Conclusion: Eyes are the most vital and sensitive part of our body. Eyes not only help us see the beauty of life but also make our day to day life easier. Further it could nicely be quoted being born is a misfortune but losing eyesight due to negligence is pathetic. Also Read: Five Symptoms Indicating It’s Time for an Eye Exam Drs. May Hettler Associates Address: 6098 Franconia Road Alexandria Virginia USA Zip Code: 22310 Contact No: 855-970-2020 Email ID: infoforsightusa.com Website: http://mayandhettler.com

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