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Echo is a voice enabled speaker out lifted with personal assistant at smart homes. It comes in various variants like echo basic version and Echo Plus which is its upgraded version. All these products can be controlled with smart phones.


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Alexa Echo Setup:

Alexa Echo Setup Call Toll Free USA/Canada 1-844-224-0047

Set Up Your Amazon Echo:

Set Up Your Amazon Echo Here we will discuss about how to setup your newly Alexa Echo. As we know that Amazon Echo is a voice enabled device and we can control our smart home devices like home lights, play music, switch ON and OFF your TV, Close and Open your home windows and doors. If you need any type of Echo support, call at 1-844-224-0047 now!

Download Alexa App:

Download Alexa App Very first step that you need to take, download Amazon Alexa app from play store in your Smartphone or iTunes if you have Apple device. You can also handle your device with web app if you are not using android or apple Smartphone. For any assistance call at 1-844-224-0047

Turn ON your Amazon Echo:

Turn ON your Amazon Echo Plug your Amazon Echo with power adapter The lights ring on Echo turn Blue and then Orange. After that Echo will greets you Choose Appropriate Language Connect your device with Wi-Fi like Amazon-53N Unable to do these task? Call at 1-844-224-0047

Say “Alexa” to Amazon Echo:

Say “Alexa” to Amazon Echo At the final stage of setup, Alexa app start a introducing video with some basics of using Amazon Echo. Connect your mobile devices with Bluetooth and also connect to services like Pandora. Control your Home devices by using your Amazon Echo via Internet. If you find any difficulty, make a call at Alexa Echo Help!

Alexa Echo Help:

Alexa Echo Help We at Alexa Echo Help are providing support from simple to complex related to Amazon Echo. If your Echo device not connecting with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or your home devices, just make a call our Alexa Echo experts for instant help. For more information visit: