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Common Interview Questions and Answers


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Common Interview Questions & Answers:


Interview Questions:

Interview Questions Tell me about your self? Why should I hire you? Would you lie for the company? Who has inspired you in your life and why? Can you work under pressure? Where do you see yourself five years from now? Give me an example of your creativity. Why do you want to work for this organization? What kind of salary do you need? Do you have any questions for me? WWW.NAVDEEPKUMAR.COM WWW.NAVDEEPKUMAR.COM

Tell me about your self:

Tell me about your self My name is Rohan Verma and basically I am from kashipur ( Uttarakhand ) but now a days I am living in Delhi. My specialization is into web Development with using asp. Net framework. I have worked on language C# and I used SQL Server as backend database. About my family . My father is an private sector employee and my mother is a housewife. I have 3 siblings . My hobbies include listen to music, Studying, Programming, Drawing, Playing Chess, watch movies, reading programming blogs etc. WWW.NAVDEEPKUMAR.COM WWW.NAVDEEPKUMAR.COM

Why should I hire you?:

Why should I hire you? As a fresher I don't have experience but I have sound knowledge of my subjects and the criteria which you are asking for this job is match to my profile. I goes with all the fair mean to increase the company's production and reputation. I just need a platform where I can show my abilities and talents if you grant me that. I assure you that I will never disappoint you . WWW.NAVDEEPKUMAR.COM WWW.NAVDEEPKUMAR.COM

Would you lie for the company?:

Would you lie for the company? I would not tell a no or yes to this questions. Because sometimes telling lie is better if there is a benefit to a mass, that is if the organization is dependent and will improve and develop by my simple lie then I must tell it. But being a part of reputed companies as yours will never lead me to such a situation, its my belief and faith. I must abide myself to my values first, otherwise for my personal benefits beyond the company's mass. WWW.NAVDEEPKUMAR.COM WWW.NAVDEEPKUMAR.COM

Who has inspired you in your life and why?:

Who has inspired you in your life and why? Even I have much more inspirations in my family but there was a person in my village since he was from a poor background but he tried to complete his UG degree in a near by college and he got graduation and got placement in a big university. now he had completed more than five degrees and earning fifty five thousands nearly but still he has great humble in him that humble I need I got inspired from that. WWW.NAVDEEPKUMAR.COM WWW.NAVDEEPKUMAR.COM

Can you work under pressure?:

Can you work under pressure? Yes I can work under pressure. Because pressure is a part & parcel of our daily life. We are quite familiar with that. Don't take pressure in negative sense just enjoy it. Because under pressure situation the best idea will come from your mind which will boost your confidence which will help you a lot in future. Enjoy your work only then you will never feel pressure. WWW.NAVDEEPKUMAR.COM WWW.NAVDEEPKUMAR.COM

Where do you see yourself five years from now?:

Where do you see yourself five years from now? After five years from now, I see myself at a higher position of the company with greater responsibilities . I shall improve my skills and overcome weakness if any. I shall be a well known person in the company by my hard work and skills. I want to see myself a more skilled, more efficient person with higher position in the company. I will be more responsible person with dedication and achievement. I will be a pillar of the company. I shall be an asset of the company. WWW.NAVDEEPKUMAR.COM WWW.NAVDEEPKUMAR.COM

Give me an example of your creativity?:

Give me an example of your creativity? According to my thoughts creativity comes at right situation, in right time, at right place. In My life there are many such cases where I used my creativity. During my project viva unfortunately my friend also done same kind of project in which all the instrumental analysis are somewhat same but we choose different drugs. My examination number is after my friend but I used creativity in power point presentation and way of explaining in front of examiner. First they thought that all the analysis pattern are same but by watching my power point presentation and way of expression of my project in front of them, WWW.NAVDEEPKUMAR.COM WWW.NAVDEEPKUMAR.COM

Why do you want to work at our company?:

Why do you want to work at our company? I know, this is a well reputed organization in IT as well as BPO industry all over the world, its privilege for me to working with this organization, as I am experience person, I though this is best organization where I can apply my thoughts, and as well as I can learn new things here, that's why I decide to work with this organization. Thank you. WWW.NAVDEEPKUMAR.COM WWW.NAVDEEPKUMAR.COM

What kind of salary do you need?:

What kind of salary do you need? As a fresher I would Expect that the salary will be based upon my knowledge and as per the norms and standard of the company. In my point of view salary is not a basic issue. For me experience is mandatory. Whatever you offer will be as per our company norms I'm ready to take that. WWW.NAVDEEPKUMAR.COM WWW.NAVDEEPKUMAR.COM

Do you have any questions for me?:

Do you have any questions for me? Thank you for giving me this opportunity to attend this interview. And only my question is that what will you expect from me if I am selected, if not could you please tell me how can I improve my skills than now, I will help me to attend an upcoming interview. WWW.NAVDEEPKUMAR.COM WWW.NAVDEEPKUMAR.COM

Questions? Need More Information?:

Questions? Need More Information? Feel free to contact us : [email protected] WWW.NAVDEEPKUMAR.COM WWW.NAVDEEPKUMAR.COM