Nathalie Bevis Recommends Scanning Important Travel Documents


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Nathalie Bevis Recommends Scanning Important Travel Documents

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Nathalie Bevis enjoys experiencing new and different cultures by traveling internationally and is an experienced worldwide traveller. Nathalie Bevis has visited more than twenty-five different countries all over the globe. As a seasoned international traveller Nathalie Bevis strongly encourages others to travel smarter by scanning the following important travel documents before leaving home.

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Be sure to scan or take photos of your main photo page as well as any pages with visa stamps. It is also a good idea to create a document that includes your passport number issue date and expiration date. Your Passport

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Take a photo of any important visas that you need to apply for in advance recommends Nathalie Bevis. It is important to keep a copy of your visa numbers in the event your passport is lost or stolen so you can prove you are legally in the country. Your Visas

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Airline Tickets Even though most travellers have their flight confirmations and travel itineraries online it never hurts to save all of your booking confirmations into a separate folder in your email.

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Photo Identification Regardless of whether it is your drivers license student identification card or other picture ID it is always a smart travel decision to have a scanned copy of these things just in case they are lost or stolen while travelling. Additionally having scanned copies of your photo ID will make applying for a new copy much easier.

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