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El Día de la Candelaria Y Mexico:

El Día de la Candelaria Y Mexico Job #1 Nataniel Job #2 Nazaret Job #3 Natalia


Mexico Country- México Capital- México D.F. Population- 122.3 million Currency- Pesos Religions- 81% catholic, 9% protesant, 6% nonreligous/unaffiliated, 4% other Mexico is the 11th most populous country and contains the 2nd largest city Corn, peppers, and chocolate are all native to Mexico

Info on Dia de la Candelaria:

Info on Dia de la Candelaria Means Day of the Candles or Candle Mass Fusion of Catholic influences and Mexican Nativea It's also known as Presentation of Jesus at the Temple,Purification of the Virgin,etc. celebrated on February 2 Traditional to bring a baby to temple on this day people dress up figure christ childs and take them to churches to be blessed traditional to eat tamales with family and friends according to Jews a woman was considered unpure for 40 days after birth and February 2nd falls 40 days aftere Christmas so is considered Purification of the Virgin or the Presentation of the Lord to Jews

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clothing During Día de la Candelaria, dancers fill the streets to perform for the festival. The dancers wear ornate costumes and masks that have very outlandish looks to them.

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Decorations Decorations for Día de la Candelaria includes: Decorated Lanterns Decorated Candles Elaborately Dressed dolls to depict the infant Jesus being presented to the temple.

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