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All that you want to know about Toothbrush:

All that you want to know about Toothbrush By  Dr.Nandini Nelivigi

What is a Tooth Brush?:

What is a Tooth Brush ? It is a device used to clean your  teeth , gums and tongue . It has a head on which bristles are mounted, a handle to hold the brush comfortably and move it into all parts of the mouth and a neck which connects the head with the handle .


Basically We Have 3 Kinds Of Tooth Brushes Manual Toothbrush Electric Toothbrush  Interdental Toothbrush  

1] Manual Toothbrush ::

1] Manual Toothbrush  : These are regular tooth brushes that come in different sizes and shapes.

2] Electric Toothbrush ::

2] Electric Toothbrush  : These power brushes have their bristles rotating continuously and when combined with manual movement of the brush it can reach all areas of the mouth at ease and help in cleaning the area more efficiently.

3] Interdental Toothbrush::

3] Interdental Toothbrush : In patients having gingival recession, exposing the area between teeth a tiny Interdental brush can be used. They are also useful in patients under braces treatment to clean between  braces .

Hygiene of Tooth Brush::

Hygiene of Tooth Brush : It is recommended that the brushes not be shared between people since there are high chances of transmission of bacteria. Once you finish brushing your teeth wash the brush under running water shake all the water off and let it dry.

Choosing A Tooth Brush:

Choosing A Tooth Brush Comfort is the key. Pick a brush that you feel would be most comfortable for you. Soft bristles are the most recommended. Do not use hard bristle brush. They remove enamel from tooth surface when used with pressure. Soft bristle brushes remove plaque and are gentle on your   teeth.


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