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Gondia Education Society's C.J. Patel College, Tirora , Dist.- Gondia 441911. Subject : PRINCIPAL OF ECONOMIC GEOGRAPHY Topic HISTORICAL EVOLUTION Is presented by Dr. Nanabhau S. Kudnar M.A., B.Ed., SET, NET, Ph.D., M.B.A . Head, Department of Geography C.J . Patel College Tirora .


HISTORICAL EVOLUTION Stapes of Evolution Paleolithic Era Neolithic Era Bronze Era Iron Age Modern / Recent Period

PALEOLITHIC ERA (Stone Age) 8000 B.C.:

PALEOLITHIC ERA (Stone Age) 8000 B.C. Lower Paleolithic Era (Early Stone Age) Homo Eractus & Homo Ergaster (2.5 mil.- 200, 000) Middle Paleolithic Era (Middle Stone Age) Neanderthals, Homo Sepiens (200, 000 – 45,000) Upper Paleolithic Era (Lasts Stone Age) Neanderthals. Cave Arts, Hunting, wide Range Tools Use of Stone, Bones, Ivory & Antlers.

Paleolithic Era Handaxe:

Paleolithic Era Handaxe

NEOLITHIC ERA (8000 B. C. – 4000 B. C.) :

NEOLITHIC ERA (8000 B. C. – 4000 B. C.) Improvement of Tools ( Stone, Flint to Constructed With Copper Ability of Arts Farming (Surplus Food)

BRONZE ERA (4000 B. C.- 2000 B. C.) :

BRONZE ERA (4000 B. C.- 2000 B. C.) Bronze Alloy Metals (Copper+ Tin = Bronze) Manufacture of some implement & Weapons Time of heavy use of metals Developed trade Network


Heavy use of Metals for Weapons & Other Purpose BRONZE ERA

IRON AGE (1200 B.C. – 600B.C.):

IRON AGE (1200 B.C. – 600B.C.) Prevalent use of Iron Deforest for Agriculture purpose Developed Fighting Arms

Modern Period :

Modern Period High Technology



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