Protein Bars Snacks

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Get the most out of your training and nutrition with supplements. From whey protein and pre-workout to Fatburners, vitamins and more, we got you covered.


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Protein Bars Snacks:

Protein Bars Snacks

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Vitawerx has created the Ultimate Guilt Free, Protein White Chocolate blocks! •High Protein • Keto •Low Sugar •Low Carbohydrate •Digestive Support •Gluten Free • Paleo Friendly •Naturally sweetened •100% Natural You won’t eat anything else!

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Vitawerx Milk Chocolate Bar 35g –12 Box – High Protein – Keto – Low Sugar – Low Carbohydrate – Digestive Support – Gluten Free – Naturally Sweetened – 100% Natural Vitawerx Milk Chocolate Bar 35g –12 Box

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FUEL YOUR DAY FROM START TO FINISH WITH SINISTER LABS PANIC PANCAKE MIXES. These high protein pancake mixes will amp up your breakfast with a power-packed punch of protein, or sub them into your pre- and post-workout nutrition routine for a fun alternative to protein bars and powders. Sinister Labs Panic Protein Pancakes come in three delicious flavours to suit all palettes and preferences: Buttermilk Blaze, Banana Blitz and Chocolate rage. Serve them up with eggs and bacon, top them with one of our Angry Mills™ Spreads or mix in Angry Mills™ Peanut Powders to create a muscle-building, metabolism-boosting protein treat.

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SINISTER LABS PANIC PANCAKES Panic Pancakes™ 326g – Buttermilk Blaze An American classic just got better! Panic Pancakes ™ Buttermilk pancakes are the best way to start your mornings! With no artificial flavours , preservatives or added sugars, and 20g of protein per serving there is no doubt this will become part of your daily routine. Just add water, cook, and top off with your favourite fruits, syrup, and Angry Mills™ spreads and powders. Panic Pancakes™ 326g – Chocolate Rage Chocolate lovers will fall in love with our Panic Pancakes ™ Chocolate Rage baking flour and pancake mix! Treat yourself to some chocolate pancakes, waffles, or pastries…the options are endless! Panic Pancakes™ offers 20g of protein per serving and has no artificial flavours , preservatives or added sugars and it is very versatile. Combine with our Angry Mills caffeinated nut spreads and peanut powders for an extra kick of energy to your day!

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