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Character Representation Graham:

Character Representation Graham Nicholas Thetford

Who is Graham? – A brief profile:

Who is Graham? – A brief profile Graham is a Police Detective for Scotland Yard, he is the youngest detective on the team and therefore is put under immense stress to prove himself to his older colleagues. He starts work early and sometimes doesn’t fix his clothes properly, leaving part of his collar up sometimes and not tucking in his shirt. He is a recluse and struggles with assertiveness this means he has trouble with social situations, because of this he can be blunt and sometimes rude without meaning to be. This can make him make sporadic-like decisions while under pressure however there is a method to his madness as he solves crimes fast and effectively.

Graham’s Clothing – Meaning Via Costume:

Graham’s Clothing – Meaning Via Costume Graham wears a smart shirt, suit jacket & trousers, smart shoes and a long over coat. These clothes show Graham as an important character who, although is equipped to go out and about with his coat, spends the majority of his time at a desk – not getting his hands dirty with much field work. This would come into play later in the film where his older colleagues would be wearing clothes that look a lot more causal as they would get more field work. His shirt is untucked to show he rushes his morning routine, showing his character is under stress which would come into play later in the movie. This stress will prevent the detective from catching his suspects for the most part of the movie, alongside the careful nature of Jackson and Jimmy’s business .

Graham’s Stuff – Meaning Via Props:

Graham’s Stuff – Meaning Via Props Graham was going to have a larger role in a dream sequence at the beginning of the opening sequence, flashing a prop badge and using handcuffs. These props would have shown Graham as an authority figure and shown him using his power as a member of the police. This dream sequence was cut and Graham was used instead to ask people if they had seen either of his suspect criminals, flashing photos of the two. This change in prop choice changes his reputation entirely, Graham is now shown as a weaker character whom is now shown as clueless to who he should be turning to for answers, this allows Alex to slip under his radar and warn Jackson and Jimmy that he is looking for them. Have you seen this man?

Similar characters in Media today:

Similar characters in Media today A character that is similar to Graham would be Nipper Read from the 2015 film Legend. He is a detective trying to catch two brothers who are similar to Jackson and Jimmy. Nipper Read also wears similar clothes, Graham’s clothes are essentially an up to date version. A character that is similar to Graham would be Inspector G. Lestrade who is a normal detective and also dresses similar to Graham, and probably shows the same amount of intelligence as Graham from our film.